Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Day!...original, I know.

We got snow this past week. I realized later that it snowed during February last year too! Yes, the city shut down and yes I had to go to work.

We woke up to about three inches in our backyard. It was sooo pretty! But I also have to say that I am glad this is not a regular occurrence! There are NO plows in Waco and they have one truck that throws sand?? on the main roads. But we are not on the main roads so I basically had to pave the way to work as I passed three cars in ditches within 5 minutes from our house.

It was nice while it lasted. It snowed all the way to San Antonio. The next day it was 65!


  1. B-E-A Utiful! Love the look. Texas, you wear it well.

  2. Now you know what it looks like in Iowa from December to March. You get used to it and always look forward to the first snowfall. Then you look forward to the first signs of green in the spring. Gr. B.