Sunday, June 12, 2016


Through the business, we found a time to visit Leisure Camp. My parents go there often and the weather was just perfect.

We found out that she love rocks.
and swimming.
and throwing rocks.
and the "little house" (rv)
and gathering rocks.


We also celebrated a graduation and my sister's birthday.

She had so much fun, that we left her there for a couple of days while we did adult things - like packing up all her toys in her room!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Lightning Speed.

The end of the school year always moves at lightning speed. There's tests and grading, and teacher gifts and awards ceremonies and deadlines.
This year, we accidentally started the moving process.

Every house hunt has a story.
Ours goes like this:
1) Saw a house we liked on 4 acres.
2) put our house on the market.
3) Had LOTS of interest - showed it 25+ times in two days
4) 4 acre house rejected our offer
5) took our house off the market
6) got offered more on our house
7) offered more on 4 acre house
8) got rejected again.
9) Really stopped looking.
10) Got offered more for our house
11) Decided to move
12) began a new house hunt - saw 11 houses in one day
13) saw "Bed & Breakfast" house and 4 acre house again
14) fell in love with B&B
15) made an offer
16) signed a contract

Of course there are lots of moving parts in all of this and we are still doing inspections etc. but it really is unbelievable.
Working through so many emotions and firmly believing that we would be placed where God meant for us to be, is/was exhausting. We love this B&B for so many reasons. And once we are actually IN, I'll share all about it (plus pictures). I just didn't want to forget to process.

For now, I'm off to another adventure - potty training!

Monday, May 9, 2016

3rd Mother's Day.

This was my third mother's day.
I'll be honest. On my first Mother's Day I felt ENTITLED to my Mother's Day!
Afterall, I had just birthed a baby and I was running on no sleep.

On this, my third Mother's Day, I feel UNDESERVING.
Parenting is hard on so many levels that I was unaware of on that first mother's day. As I sat in church Sunday as I listened to declarations of mothering in our lives, I wanted nothing more than to be with my mother. And so, I packed up Reyna and headed on a spontaneous trip to San Antonio to crash the Mother's Day party there.

and I am so glad I did.
It was really a celebration of Isavel Reyna, my grandmother. As she was showered with love from 11 (of 12) of her children, I sat in amazement that this little lady DID that. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Then I looked around the room at my aunts and cousins who are all mothers now.

Mothers in attendance:
- Isavel Reyna (12)
- Isabel Moran (3)
- Delia McCumber (4)
- Sylvia Ramos (1)
- Lori Alaniz (4)
- Josie McCumber (2)
- Becky Alvarado (4)
- Me (1)
 and I somehow felt undeserving.

Within the everyday joyous experiences of motherhood, every one of THESE mothers has a hard story. A tough pregnancy. Being abused while pregnant. Being 40 and pregnant. Loosing a day old baby. Single parenting. Broken relationships with their children. Military parenting, etc.

While I think I am a good Mom, and mothering is not a contest, I think matriarchs should be celebrated. The "tough stuff" I deal with is what every mother deals with-grumpiness, potty training, lack of sleep and time. So while I may not have experienced death or grief or 'hardness', I am a young mother with lots of mothering ahead, and knowing these women gives me confidence that I can mother through all mothering scenarios.

I may not be deserving, I am grateful to be in the club with all these mothers (and many others in my life).

Friday, May 6, 2016

What was I thinking?!

I feel like this could become a regular series.
Every now and then I get mayself into a frenzy.
I'm usually a very laid back, go with the flow type of person but what was I thinking?

Between the days of April 25th and April 30th I:
- Hosted three test reviews
- planned a birthday party
- had two guest speakers for a Sexual Violence panel for a class (very emotional)
- put our house on the market
- had 25+ showings on our house
- got a pre approval (i.e. did bank stuff)
- visited a wanted house 3 times
- wrote 4 final tests
- sat in on three internship presentations
- took our house off the market
- baked cupcakes
- had 4 guest for the weekend
- restocked my store
- visited the museum, zoo, and parks
- kenneled Rexx
- hosted a party
- kept a house clean for said showings


Yes, all of this was by choice but we chose to be proactive in a house hunt and while I can't speak for all of us, I also felt at peace about each decision along the way. That's usually how I know I made a good decision. There are times of busy-ness that we push through but I am also glad this is not our everyday life style. Everything went well and I laugh looking back at it now but still...what was I thinking?!

Monday, May 2, 2016

2nd Birthday Paw-ty.

This weekend, we celebrated with some of our favorite people.
We decided that we are going to try to avoid "character" parties as long as we can. 
So we thought about what she really likes: Puppies and Purple
So the Purple Puppy Paw-ty was created. 

Luckily, the weather cooperated and we were able to set up outside.
We asked Reyna who she would like to have come to the house to play with her and 
she requester her favorite friends by name. 
We had 10 kids, and 14 adults.

 We had Pup-eroni Pizza, Pawsta Salad, Kibble-n-bits (chex mix), Pup corn, Pawtato chips, 
Pupcakes, etc. served in these dollar store dog bowls.

My sister made this cute board like she did last year.
We pulled out all the toys we already had, including the Puppy pool.
 We had a bubble machine, soccer goal, a water table, a basketball hoop, a hula hoop

 My sister made this cute dog house, too!
 We had to have a pinata!

The last activity on their way out was a Puppy Adoption Station. 
They picked a puppy. Wrote his name on his dog tag, filled out a certificate of adoption, and took a crate to take him/her home. 
This went better than I thought it would.
It was so fun to see what names they chose.
We had a Ken, Shawn, and a Bubbles!

A Happy Birthday song.
 and so many sweet gifts from her friends.
She was one happy girl!
We are now in the "terrific twos".
(I'm choosing to be optimistic ;) )

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


My girl is TWO today.
It feels like I've known her forever. 
That's probably because I have always wanted her. 
She is literally what my dreams were made of. 


There is more to a little girl than what her mother sees. 
There is more to a little girl than what her father dreams.
Inside every little girl lies a heart that beats.
and sometimes it screams, refusing to take defeat.
And sometimes her father's dreams aren't big enough, 
and sometimes her mother's visions aren't long enough. 
And sometimes the little girl has to dream her own dreams and break through the clouds with her own sunbeams. 

Love you, big girl!

Monday, April 18, 2016

April celebrations.

This weekend was a whirlwind of celebrations. 
We celebrated three birthdays in four days! 
We ate lots of sugar, opened lots of presents, and played a lot outside.

 I got to go on a trail run. I miss those trails.
 We celebrated this little lady a little early with cake and fajitas, and lots of presents.

 There was a park visit, yoga instruction, lunch out, dinner out, cupcakes, cake, popcorn, ice cream sundaes, farmers markets, Magnolia, SPICE, a cookout, McKinney cousins, church, neighbors, and trail runs. 
We packed in all we could into those few days, and we enjoyed every minute.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Happy Birthday, Papa Bear.

Today we celebrate you, Papa Bear!

Every day is an adventure with you.
Here's to another year of more.
More cake. 
More good runs. 
More good coffee. 
More sleep ;). 
More puffy tacos. 
More sightseeing. 
More farmers markets. 
More bike rides.
 More dancing. 
More mowing. 
More netflix. 
More (leisure) reading.
 More music. 
More podcasts.
More kisses.
 More sharing. 
More walks down the driveway. 
More wildflowers. 
More kayaking.
More of the hugging game.
More Minnesota. 
More bubbles. 
More of you!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Afterschool Adventures.

Everyday after school, Reyna and I go on an "adventure".
This has become our normal and I like it on multiple levels. 
For one, when we are at home, I am most of her entertainment or she like to include me in it which I LOVE. But, when we are home from 2-7:30, that's a lot of time. Also, it allows her to use up energy. AND , she gets to hang out with play dates or make new friends. 
She seems to like the after school adventures which she usually gets the chance to decide. 

Most days, the options are:
-the park
- the museum
- the zoo
- the bookstore
- the pet store

Every now and then, something special comes up:
- a baseball game
- farmers market (tuesdays)
- toy store (target)
- baylor events

The most recent event on Baylor was Diadeloso - Day of the Bear.
There are no classes and instead, Baylor puts on activities and events for students to celebrate being a Baylor student. 
This year, this included: a rollerskating rink, camel rides, a sloth, zip lining, food trucks, free lunch, dance competitions, tug-o-war, and a kids zone. 

Thats where we were yesterday and the girl, loved it!

Eating ice cream. 
 In the jump house.
 a REAL plane.
 camel rides in the distance.
 More bouncing.

 Visiting the bears.

"Dia" 2016. It's good to be a bear.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

23 months.

This girl turned 23 months last week.
With all the hoopla of Easter, I'm late posting but we cannot forget her last month as a ONE YEAR OLD!

Things I want to remember about Reyna at 23 months:
she is very independent - she likes to wash dishes! - loves her big mickey mouse - likes to jump on the bed - has outgrown her favorite pj's but still squeezes into them - knows the museum by heart - knows all her colors, shapes, and alphabet - sings songs - makes funny faces - loves to paint - loves bubbles - wants to brush her teeth 5 times a day - like the color purple - likes the hula hoop - swings on the big girls swing.

She is talking up a storm in full sentences and vivid description and we LOVE it!

She is funny and she knows it. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016.

We had a pretty low key, memory filled Easter. 
Everything was new, and exciting. 
 (warning: this post contains picture overload)

We painted egg for the first time. 
This is me telling her to put it in GENTLY.
 This is her THROWING it in.
 She was so excited to find that the egg had turned color EVERYTIME!

 The kit has stickers in it to make faces on the eggs and that was a hit. 
She is making her funny face to match here.
On Saturday morning we went to an Easter Egg Hunt at a friends house and celebrated with all these kiddos!
Also, the host has a 3 year old and a 3 WEEK OLD BABY!

 She hunted those eggs so hard!

Then we sat and opened


What a cutie!
 making silly faces at the camera...again.
Thanks Papa!
On Easter we went to church and played with the Easter Bunny toys. 
She liked her basket and still asks for eggs every morning. 

Overall, it was a great celebration and refreshing weekend.