Wednesday, February 15, 2017

valentines day 2017.

This Valentine's Day was a blur.
Nothing special happened but its fun to see her learn about celebrations and get excited!

her Papa left a Valentine surprise at her breakfast spot.

 We went to school in our Jesus Said Love shirt with our silliest faces on!
The day before, we stopped at a mural for a quick picture with a True Love of mine!

Of course school sent home lots of goodies that we are rationing.
She has swim lessons which she LOVES, too!
I am so grateful for all the phone calls, Facetimes, and letters send to her too!
She felt especially loved today.
She thanked God for her heart to feel love last night.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hallway Touch Ups.

This hallway is at the top of our stairs. It has 6 doors in it! We pass by it at least 10 times a day.
There are no windows and the lighting is really sparse.
I decided to see what a little paint can do. I went with Sherwin Williams Austere Gray.
Although the lighting in these pictures is poor, I love the color!
I painted the lower half the color of the trimwork - Antique White.
The picture is special to us. A friend painted it and its the church we married in.
The vases are from Magnolia.
I hope to add a small bench and maybe a rug in the future.
I love the new space and it makes me smile every time I walk by!
It's the little things after all!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Bumble bee tuna.

Reyna has been asking for swimming lessons for months! Well, actually she said she could teach herself...but...we signed her up anyway.
She was excited the moment she woke up. She wanted to wear her swimsuit to school!
She is so adorable in her little bumble bee suit.
 Then she had to wait patiently through orientation...

The girl is NOT scared one bit. She wanted more swim time.
 Kicking her little legs.
 Look how happy she is!

 Blowing bubbles.
 ice cream scoop hands!
 She swam back and forth on this noodle with no help by the end of the day.
We love that she loves it and hope to keep her in classes more consistently.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bye-Bye January.

Lots of little things going on in January.
I decided to "fix up the upstairs hallway. The light and the paint just make it feel nasty. I'm not done yet because it took me a week to figure out the right color and painting occurs on random nights I can't sleep sooo ... it might be awhile.

 We have been struggling with some medial issues (that she will not appreciate me telling the world about) so we had a difficult doctors appointment and treated ourselves with these!
 My maps are doing really well at the Craft Gallery and I was featured in their ad in a local magazine.

 January weather has been pretty great. Even on cold days (55 degrees) its sunny out and we play at the park with friends.
 This is globe! Its a touch lamp. she loves it. it broke. its in the shop.

 We got a fence! Its amazing and beautiful!
She reads to us constantly. Even in the middle of basketball games.
 "Little Flicker" is on repeat these days.
 Barnes & Noble is her happy place. She could literally be there for hours. Sometimes we let her.
Its like the library but better because there are snacks (starbucks) there.

 She transitioned into a big girl bed.
Its worked out great!
 Curious George goes to the zoo. She wanted him to see the Elephants.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

December little things.

Before I move on to a new year, I wanted to empty my December memories onto one final page.
I found these snapshots of our busy December in my phone.
We bought a new tree and found the perfect place for it.
I added a little Mexican feel with Loteria (Mexican Bingo) cards and dolls.

I hosted a craft night for a small group of girls. We each painted our own snowflakes.

We started a tradition of opening one book present each night.
I had 15 Christmas books wrapped and she picked one to open and read each night.
 Her favorite was Mickey's Christmas Carol.
Which, was a good thing since a local church had a play of the Christmas Carol.
We went all dressed up (her idea) and sat in the third row where she was captivated.
She clapped after the songs and waited in anticipation for Scrooge!

We made plenty of trips to the library. This was a long trip since she decided she wanted to "read" every. single. one.
 We went on a tour of lights in the cab of my dad's truck.
 In Iowa, she was in puppy heaven!
There were four dogs and she loved on every one of them. Gave hugs and kisses. Played tug-o-war. tag. read to them. She woke up most mornings saying "I wanna go play with the dogs"
We made it to Iowa in one day - 13 hours - with 3 stops. Tried to keep her busy but she would have been fine with movies for 13 hours.

Frozen yoga. She got everyone in on the action.
 This was the year of books. She probably got 15 new books and had most of them memorized by the new year.
 All bundled up for the Iowa winter.
 just beautiful! The kid is kinda cute too!

One of her favorite new toys was a cleaning set.
She keeps busy with the spray bottle, towel, scrubber, etc for at least 30 minutes per session.
I finally did go buy natural cleaning products to put in that spray bottle.
The kitchen has never smelled so good!

 Her other favorite toy is this frog hopper game - from the Dollar Tree.

So many memories were not captured on camera.
It was a great year for us, especially in a new home and we can't wait to see what 2017 brings!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Our First Christmas Eve.

We have two AMAZING families!
We alternated holidays before we had Reyna and since then, we have made an extra effort to see both (San Antonio and Iowa) at Christmas. We are blessed with university scheduled jobs so we have lots of time to travel. And we still hope to do that BUT we felt rushed and drained and lost at Christmas. Between packing and wrapping and opening and unloading and driving and packing again (you get the pictures) we felt like the meaning of Christmas was getting lost. So we decided to slow down.
This was hard. for me. My family has a HUGE party on Christmas Eve and I LOVED it growing up. I still love it but the biggest difference is that we live 3 hours away so ... anyways...we skipped the party this year with grandiose expectations of what Christmas Eve would be like.
We'll go to Christmas Eve service!
We'll bake cookies for Santa!
We'll watch a Christmas movie!
We'll read the Christmas Story!
We'll wake up and open presents from Santa!
Well....we did it! All of it!
We had a candlelight service at UBC.
Then headed home to make cookies.
I didn't get a picture of the finished product but they were snake cookies with blue icing and sprinkles.

Then we watched Mickey's Christmas Carol. This was also her favorite Christmas book this year.

We read the Christmas story at bedtime and woke up with santa on the mind.
Reyna was greeted with gifts from Santa and a stocking filled with goodies.

We spent the morning opening gifts slowly and playing with all our new toys/books/tent.
We also had ice cream smoothies (it was 70 degrees out)
Some of her Santa gifts included:
A skateboard
a tent
a bear pillow
a doll
we exchanged gifts and Reyna me a set of light up swords.
She got her Papa, a set of light sabers.
hmmm. I don't know how that happened...
but she sure is cute.
We loved our little Christmas. It was calm and meaningful and just what we needed in our new home.
We woke up bright and early to head to Iowa the next morning.