Thursday, May 11, 2017

Reyna turns 3.

Reyna was celebrated 3 times this year!
We celebrated first with Tacos and then with ICE CREAM!
we had a few friends over to the house to have Pokeyo's!
Then we had a party with all her little (second) cousins in San Antonio.


We had a piƱata!

Opened presents.


And we played with 12 kiddos! 

This girls is Officially THREE!
And she woke up a three year old too!
She is so smart and getting a little sassy...
She loves PawPatrol and Doc McStuffins. Her favorite book is Giraffes Can't Dance. She eats just about anything but loves pickles, strawberries, and pizza. She is enjoys playing with her trains, school, books, bubbles, her wagon, and the park.
There were no terribles in this two year old but we'll see what 3 brings....

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter / Birthday Weekend.

5 days. 8 people. 1 house. 3 birthdays.
We spent our weekend filled with family.
We did all the touristy things - Magnolia, Harp, Spice, Farmers market, Homestead Heritage, Pokeyo's, Cameron Park, and West Texas!
I didn't get any pictures of that...but I heard is was awesome ;)
We tried the Escape Rooms and I'm hooked!
We didn't get out but it was fun!
 We had tea party with Aunt Jan.
 Farmers Market where Great Grandma Doris finally got her tamales!
 Also, these people just kept working on our yard! I mean I'm not complaining or anything....
 The weather was pretty amazing the entire time!
 This was the first time Reyna met her Great Grandma.
 She now naps with "Bunny" that was given to her by Grandma Doris.
We celebrated Brice, Neil, and Reyna's Birthday.
Our traditional birthday kisses.
 Reyna requested a Taco Party!
We also celebrated Easter. We introduced everyone to cascarones!
 Painted eggs, of course!
 Went on an egg hunt!
 Dressed the part.

We filled our days with everything Waco and we loved every minute of it!

Monday, April 3, 2017

HD workshop.

This was our first Home Depot workshop. They host one every month. and its FREE.
She was excited all week about "playing with tools".
She loves to work with screwdrivers and hammers and home.

They built a bunny basket together.
She did great with the hammer.
(only hit Papa's thumb once)

When it was all put together, she got to paint it.
and put stickers on it.
At the end of every workshop they give a pin for their apron.
There were kids with their apron covered!!
(that's a lot of weekends)
We went with a friend and saw 5 other friends there.
It must be the thing to do.
It was really busy but she loved her basket!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Staircase update.

We have a bunch of stairs in our home.
I had recently seen some ideas on Pinterest that looked like fun so I decided to give it a go.
This was the easiest project I have taken on in YEARS!

I love the look of a stair runner but that is pricey and it will probably take years for me to decide what I want so I cut out some numbers on my Silhouette machine and stuck them on!

Painting seemed so permanent and I wasn't sure I would even like it.
These are stickers and stick VERY well. I misplaced one and it was pretty difficult to remove.
I continued up the stairs to our newly redone hallway.

I'm a big fan and so is Reyna!
She traded in one book at bedtime so she could count the stairs again. lol