Friday, February 12, 2016

Love is in the Air. and on the walls.

Love it or hate it, !
Love is in the air

I am a celebrator. I love holidays and themes and traditions. 
Neil is not, so I hope Reyna will be a celebrator with me.
She doesn't quite "get" holidays yet, but we're learning. 

To celebrate Valentine's Day, I took her on a mural tour of Waco to snap a couple of pictures for her Papa.

This is a newer one in town and was so fitting after a couple of days of no sleep and a clash of wills.

("who me?")

 I asked her to make a silly face. Isn't it sooo cute!
I started the day with a trip to Barnes and Noble to play with the choo-choo. 
Then we read a few Valentine's themed books. 

And we ended at the park.
Also, this outfit was begging for pictures ;)

While we went around town, we talked about what we love and who loves us. 
These were some of her responses. 
She loves: Elmo, Mama, Papa, Family, Rexx, Lewie, popcorn, Olaf, park, birds, shoes
Who loves her: Jesus (and I stopped listening after that since I needed to concentrate on driving through tears)

Let me tell you, the girl feels loved. 
She knows love and can see it and feel it. 
So thank you to all who love her and show her what good love looks like.

Monday, February 8, 2016

turning 30.

This week was full of birthday celebrations!
I was welcomed at work with this sweet plant. Its so fancy, isn't it?

Then I came home to these cuties.
 Neil really went all out and was so thoughtful! Reyna picked out these cards. They are so perfect!
One of them sings "let it go" so instead of us singing it, as she often requests, we can play that baby.
So really its a GREAT gift.
Neil also went out of his was to pick up cupcakes from one of my favorite cupcake stands. 
And he even asked the day care if she could make a special craft for my birthday - so thoughtful!
I also joined the Fitbit family so that's exciting!

I put up a gift from my parents.
 And we went to a basketball game. She loves KK (and popcorn).

Overall, it was a great weekend with lots of love and celebration. 
30 is looking good!

Monday, February 1, 2016

BIrthday kickoff.

This weekend was spent with family celebrating my birthday. 
It was AMAZING weather so we vowed to spend as much time outside as we could. We started at the farmers market and had delicious breakfast.

Then we headed to Magnolia. They have a great outdoor area and garden. 
Meg and Mark wanted to check out the store. 
(If you are planning a trip on the weekend, you should be there before 10am or else...)
We got there just in time but on the way out there was a line around the block to get in. 

Then we went to SPICE because why not? Mark and Meg love candles so they were on a mission. 
In the meantime I made Reyna pose at this backdrop. 

 Then we headed to Homestead Heritage. This is my favorite restaurant but it always has a REALLY long wait, like 1 hour! But the quesadilla burger is amazing! They are on a Quaker homestead so there is a lot to see while you wait. 

We finally headed home in time for a nap (all of us). Then we went on a double date to the men's basketball game while my parents watched Reyna. We talked and crafted until too late and saw them off after breakfast the next morning. 

We had a little family picnic and a walk around the stadium later in the afternoon. 

The weekend went by so fast but we did so much! I am so grateful for the beautiful weather. 
Its was a great start to my birth month, I mean week, I mean day ;)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Keeping a toddler entertained.

I have been blessed with the opprtunity to have a full time job that allows me to be with my baby from 2pm on. I pick her up from school everyday and then, we go on adventures! Some days are better than others, depending on the weather. It's the end of January and I'm not sure if winter already came or if we are waiting for it. We have lots of days in the 60s and most in the 50s so we get out as much as we can. Here are a few of our after school adventures. 

Sandbox-ing. Which sometimes includes her baby doll.

 Swinging. Which sometimes involves baby doll. Ha.
 We visit the museum at least once a week.
Playing sports.
 indoor and outdoor tea parties and picnics.

 We are working on a backyard play area. ANYTHING I add has been a hit. We have a house, a balance beam, an abdacus, and sometimes take the baby doll on stroller and wagon rides to see the horse.
 Wow! now that I'm saying all that out loud, that sounds awesome! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

21 months.

This month Reyna is 21 months old and she is growing into herself in the most beautiful ways!

Things I want to remember about Reyna at 21 months:
she asks Papa to sing Frozen in the car - she has shown interest in potty training - she names her shoes - she wants to know "what doing?" all day - she pretends to be scared when we come down the stairs - she knows all her colors - she can count to 10 - she recognizes 13 letters of the alphabet - she likes the book Baby Sister - She loves pizza and quesadillas - wants to know everyone's name - loves pockets!


Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend updates.

Here is what happened this weekend:

- my phone stopped working.
- the weather was in the 60s
- we went to a tennis match
- I went running.
- baby went in the big potty 4 times 
- I sewed up two blankets
- We played lots of "matching"
- out waterline broke

pictures coming soon.once 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 Reading Challenge.

It is still January so its not to late to start the 2016 Reading Challenge. 
I found this on a blog called Modern Mrs. Darcy. Isn't that the cutest blog name ever? She talks about books! She has lots of good recommendations and even a podcast where she interviews people and then suggests books for them based on what she learned. I think its adorable. 

Anyways, here is the challenge. 12 books in 12 months. Easy enough? no? Well, she structures it a little bit more so it becomes easier to make decisions on what books to read. I think that is my problem. There are so many!!

I already read a book chosen by my spouse. - WONDER.
11 more to go!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

People Parent Differently.

Parenting is hard. It's even harder when we pretend that it's not.
One of the biggest lessons I have learned about parenting (and I think has kept our marriage strong) is that everyone parents differently. I remind myself of this often. We change diapers differently. We play differently. We feed her differently. We use the stroller differently. We drive her around in the car differently. BUT. the diapers get changed. She is well played with. She eats. She gets to school. And she is loved every step of the way.

I would never do this.

 Me: "Why are walking around with that doll on your shoulder?"
Neil: "She (Reyna) asked me to."
I would never do that.
 I would never THINK to do this. LoL.
 I don't read with her like this.
... but I'm glad he does. 
 She loves him for who he is. They have inside jokes, Private conversations, and their own ritual because they have their own relationship! I am so thankful for it. 

I'm sure that there are tons of things that he would 'never do' that I do, but we won't talk about those ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Day Dates.

Through the Holidays while we had lots of extra hands, we decided that we would plan a couple of "Day Dates". I would plan for San Antonio, and he would plan for Iowa.

San Antonio has made big improvements to walking/biking trails.
There is a paved trail that takes you to all 5 Missions. I have been wanting to try it for awhile and the temperatures were in the 70s so we went.
It is at least 20 miles.
I followed the map. We started downtown. This is where we went wrong.

 The city has bike kiosks that you can rent and check -in along the path. We bought a day pass for $10 but you could use your own bikes!
The road to the first mission was a LONG one! 
But, it was "our" mission so we had to do it!
 Married under these lights!
Then we headed to one more that we hadn't been to before.
This one was more like a fort or compound so there was lots to see.

We didn't quite make it to the other two,or three if you include the Alamo, but it was a unique date and quite the workout and a cultural experience as well. 

In Iowa, Neil planned. 
When he told me what it was, I was not disappointed but no really excited either. 
Looking back, I would say this was the more cultural experience of the dates. 
We went to hear Chris Christie give a speech and take questions at a restaurant in Marshalltown.
If you are in Iowa or New Jersey, this is a regular but in Texas! that seems so bizzare!
Why would (many) presidential candidates sit in a room in a small town, and do that?
It really still boggles my mind. I KNOW why, but we just don't get those experiences in Texas.
His grandparents go to many of these events and to be honest, I can see why!
It is so interesting and I would love to compare candidates from both parties in that way! Also, some attendees were characters.
Anyways, we were the youngest in the room and we sat front and center.
We made it into the paper a few days after.

 This was one of the better dates of all time.
 Not really exciting or adventurous but it has been awhile since I have done something completely NEW!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas pt. 4. Iowa.

Iowa is always a great time.  
The girl was loved on 24/7!
She spent lots of time playing with her new toys, and some old ones. She went on adventures to the Y for a swim, an indoor playground, and the mall without me (so there are no pictures).

 She met and fell in love with all the pups!
AND named her fish - Emma.
 We also had a snow day! Skeptical at first.


Iowa never disappoints.