Monday, November 23, 2015

Donut Party.

This weekend, Reyna was invited to her friends 2nd birthday party. 
It was a donut themed party and SO cute!
They had a donut craft. Here she is with the birthday girl making her donut.

Of course, you can't have a donut party without donuts!
What a spread.

 Reyna had never had a donut before. 
After watching the birthday girl eat hers, she copied. 
"Look ma, no hands!!"
 They had these cute milk bottles with sprinkles around the rim. Yum!
Penny just got a play kitchen so we decided to build on that. 
We gifted her these plush donuts! I just love them! 
It was fun to think of different toppings. 
The best thing is, I had all the stuff lying around the house!
They are made of felt and I think I found my new hobby ;)
 Here they are in a bakery box.
 Here is a close up of those sprinkles.

 It was a great party with so many cute kids! 
Also, Penny's mom owns a party supply store in SPICE called HelloJune. Check it out!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


We are walking through the mall and she found a friend. 
Unprompted, she took his hand and held on. We talked and she ate some goldfish all while holding on. She never let go and I didn't try to make her leave. I told her he's not real. She just smiled. I asked where his eyes are. She just shrugged her shoulders.

While looking at this picture later that night, I couldn't help but wonder why she held on so long. She KNEW it wasn't a real person. But he must have felt real to her. She must have felt good and safe holding hands. 
Also, maybe she was just pretending (that makes me happy).

 She finally let go with a little hesitation. He stayed within view for most of the rest of the time and she was sad to leave the store.

I've done that too, though. I hold on to stuff. Shoes that I don't wear because they are too nice. Diamonds I don't wear because I'm scared to lose them. People I put people on pedestals.  Fabric I love so much I cant decide on the 'perfect' project for. My phone. And whatever that thing is at the moment, I usually give a lot of myself to it - my time, my energy, my attention. To these idols. But you know what? Idols give NOTHING! They give absolutely nothing of them selves to begin with or in return. They feel like real happiness to me. I know they are not REAL. But they make me feel safe.

And when I want to let them go, it's hard. I am weary and saddened by their absence.
And while I think she was actually just pretending, I can't pretend that my life is free of idols.  

So here's to saying hello to letting go. 
Time to put my efforts into whats real - God, Family, and Fellowship.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


This is how we spent our Friday night.
I promised I wouldn't say how but I can say it resulted in 8 stitches on the bottom of his right foot. 
Reyna was a trooper and VERY interested! Maybe she will be a nurse or doctor one day ;)

He is getting along fine (with his new cane).
He goes back to take them out in 13 days. 
One day we might forget this ever happened so here is the proof. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Made in Waco recap.

This weekend, I had a booth at our church craft fair called MADE is Waco!
There were 15 vendors with awesome booths. Everything from coffee to scarves to decor!
My mom helped with the booth.
We set up with two doors from the house, twine, clothes pins, and nails.
We had never really done this but we have been to a few so that helped. 
Here is our set up.

 Bowties were a hit.
These shirts sold well. 
I also sold a few dresses, skirts, and tops that I designed and made. 
 These are products from other vendors.
All the while Mom and I were selling, PoPo was babysitting. 
Then, they came by to help us pack up!
These are my people :)
 (Neil is also my people but he is out of commission. See next post.)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October ends.

Two things happend recently. 
1. I have no room on my phone.
2. November came.

While cleaning out my phone, I came across a few pictures from this month that didnt make the FB/Instagram/Blog cut. I didn't want to erase them without thinking about them again. 

These are from the wedding earlier this month. I love these pictures because Reyna was SO excited to be wearing boots just like Tia and Mommy!

Also, the girl loves her Tia Mae!
This grin is really saying, "Ha Ha Ha Ha, Tia game me candy and there's nothing you can do about it."
We went to a family Halloween party.
The pineapple, Frida, a gnome, and the prettiest witch ever!

 She really is a cute gnome, though!
 A girl and her truck! She loves hanging out here, especially with her Papa.
 We had a photo session with an amazing friend. We forgot to bring out these props at the shoot so we had to wear them the rest of the night!

 She didnt want to take it off.
Well, November is here and that means things are gonna start moving a little faster. 
A student told me today that we only have 10 more days of classes!!! 
I feel like we just started!
November will consist of a craft show, football, Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, school pictures, Doctor's appointments, and a whole lot more. 
Stay tuned.

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Sweetest Strawberry.

Isn't this the sweetest strawberry you have ever seen?!

Last Halloween she was a puppy. That was her first word so it seemed appropriate. 
She LOVES strawberries and eats them almost every day. So when we came across this costume for $2.00! I jumped on it.

 The costume came with a hood that was pink and the little leaves on top. It also had green stockings.

Its too hot for those stockings and it was a little too small. 
Her head would not fit in the hood so I nixed it and used the stockings for the green neck collar.

She loved it and didn't want to take it off. 
We didn't do trick-or-treating. We will wait till next year for that.
We did go to the farmers market and walked in the costume parade there.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The perfect pumpkin.

We are loving the fall weather these days. 
After school, it stands around 75 degrees. Perfect for playing outside. We went to the pumpkin patch last year and she was to young to "get"it. this year, she was really excited. I told her she could pick 1 pumpkin to take home. 

She tried to carry a few but found out that they were "Hebby".

After about 5 minutes of scouting for the perfect pumpkin, she found one!
I kept showing her medium sized, round, blemish-free pumpkins. 
(perfect for carving)
I would say, "This one?"
She would say, "nope".
Finally, she spotted one. She stepped over and around two big pumpkins to get it. 
Isn't it a beaut?
She never let it go. 
I took her pumpkin so I could take a picture with the big pumpkins. 
She was not happy. 
This is the face she gave me for a long time after I gave it back :/

I love that she knew what she was looking for. 
I love that she didn't change her mind, even at my urging.

I guess I've gotta start believing that she knows what she likes.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Reyna 1.5

Baby girls is 1.5 years old!
I love half birthdays and this one seems so important to me. 
We celebrated with some cupcakes. We rarely let her eat sweets. 
On her birthday she barely touched her cake(s). So I was not sure how this was going to go. 

She looked at it for awhile.
Tested the frosting.
Tried the prim and proper way.
Then she set it down and got to work!

This was a mini cupcake and she still didn't finish it!
Of course most of the icing was gone. 

At one and a half, we are amazed at how much she knows. She has a very big vocabulary. She can give direction (Momma, sit. Momma, draw. Lewie, out.) and tell us what she wants (pretzels. fish. Please. boots.) One of my favorite things is that she says Bless You and Thank You without being prompted. She likes being outside but does not like "mess". She loves shoes and her dad's truck. She can match colors and knows how to "read"(memorized) a few books. She gives great hugs and kisses. She loves routine and says Hi to everyone. She like strawberries and raspberries along with carrots and green beans. Everything is "hot" even when its cold. She blows on her food if it is hot. We talk to each other a lot and I'm still her favorite person. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Aunt J comes to play.

Reyna had Aunt J over for a play date this weekend.
The weather DID NOT cooperate but we sure made lots of memories.

We painted pumpkins in the backyard.

 Doesn't she look so proud?
 We played ball.
Ran races. This is her running pose. 
Read lots of books.

We went shopping. Visited Magnolia and SPICE. Ate at Cafe Cappuccino. 
Played with so many toys. Janel taught a yoga class for me and went to the game with Neil. 
The days went by too fast and we miss her already!
Thanks for coming to play Aunt J!