Thursday, October 29, 2015

The perfect pumpkin.

We are loving the fall weather these days. 
After school, it stands around 75 degrees. Perfect for playing outside. We went to the pumpkin patch last year and she was to young to "get"it. this year, she was really excited. I told her she could pick 1 pumpkin to take home. 

She tried to carry a few but found out that they were "Hebby".

After about 5 minutes of scouting for the perfect pumpkin, she found one!
I kept showing her medium sized, round, blemish-free pumpkins. 
(perfect for carving)
I would say, "This one?"
She would say, "nope".
Finally, she spotted one. She stepped over and around two big pumpkins to get it. 
Isn't it a beaut?
She never let it go. 
I took her pumpkin so I could take a picture with the big pumpkins. 
She was not happy. 
This is the face she gave me for a long time after I gave it back :/

I love that she knew what she was looking for. 
I love that she didn't change her mind, even at my urging.

I guess I've gotta start believing that she knows what she likes.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Reyna 1.5

Baby girls is 1.5 years old!
I love half birthdays and this one seems so important to me. 
We celebrated with some cupcakes. We rarely let her eat sweets. 
On her birthday she barely touched her cake(s). So I was not sure how this was going to go. 

She looked at it for awhile.
Tested the frosting.
Tried the prim and proper way.
Then she set it down and got to work!

This was a mini cupcake and she still didn't finish it!
Of course most of the icing was gone. 

At one and a half, we are amazed at how much she knows. She has a very big vocabulary. She can give direction (Momma, sit. Momma, draw. Lewie, out.) and tell us what she wants (pretzels. fish. Please. boots.) One of my favorite things is that she says Bless You and Thank You without being prompted. She likes being outside but does not like "mess". She loves shoes and her dad's truck. She can match colors and knows how to "read"(memorized) a few books. She gives great hugs and kisses. She loves routine and says Hi to everyone. She like strawberries and raspberries along with carrots and green beans. Everything is "hot" even when its cold. She blows on her food if it is hot. We talk to each other a lot and I'm still her favorite person. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Aunt J comes to play.

Reyna had Aunt J over for a play date this weekend.
The weather DID NOT cooperate but we sure made lots of memories.

We painted pumpkins in the backyard.

 Doesn't she look so proud?
 We played ball.
Ran races. This is her running pose. 
Read lots of books.

We went shopping. Visited Magnolia and SPICE. Ate at Cafe Cappuccino. 
Played with so many toys. Janel taught a yoga class for me and went to the game with Neil. 
The days went by too fast and we miss her already!
Thanks for coming to play Aunt J!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Backyard Family Wedding.

I grew up with lots of cousins. The newest one was born just 1 year ago.
That makes for lots of birthdays and weddings.
My cousin Josie married her boyfriend of 19 YEARS! They started dating in middle school.
She has a ranch and did a great job of hosting a beautiful backyard wedding.
It was also one of my favorite weddings because ALL of the family was involved in some way.

All these decorations were DIYs. My mom made the door decor.

My uncle is a contractor and got these HUGE cable spools for tables.

She built these boxes from paint stirrers :)
 She put pictures on the trees. These were their prom pictures and such.
 One of her nephews who is in high school built the cross for them.

 Her other nephew and his girlfriend played the music and did an awesome job!

 Some of the girl cousins from the day.
 Kisses for Great Grandma Reyna.

My sister was the Maid of Honor and did so many projects! Her dad and nephews built the dance floor. Her brother in law did all the cooking. Her sister baked the cake. My cousin made her bouquet.
All a labor of love for the Bride and Groom.

Reyna loved the dance floor and couldn't stay off of it!

So grateful for nice weather and a beautiful reason to celebrate.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

17 months.

There is no rhyme or reason to posting these monthly updates. 
When I remember and if she is willing, we snap a few photos. 

Here is what 17 months looks like. 

Life involves:
pretzels - napping on a mat - strawberries - my little red wagon - play house - elmo - visiting Tia Mae on my phone - puzzles - singing Twinkle Twinkle - repeating EVERYTHING - jumping - slides - making horse noises - walking my balance beam - grandparents - pretend feeding my stuffed animals - spreading the blanket out perfectly - brushing my teeth