Thursday, December 10, 2015

Baby, read.

There are so many moments that I don't want to forget. Most of them are unplanned and natural. 
Like this one.
When we returned home from Waco Wonderland, Neil and I sat on the sofa while Baby played. 
Eventually, she found herself a good book. Usually she says, "Mama read". 
This time I said, "Baby read".
And she did!
I KNOW, its memorization or whatever, but she was so proud! and so are we!
These pictures capture the joy we all felt in those moments.

She read through "Polar Bear, Polar Bear what do you hear?" backwards and forwards.
Then, just when we thought we couldn't handle any more cuteness, she started reading to her Mouse (Mickey Mouse). She read quietly to him AND.THEN. she turned to book out for him to see. Just like her teacher probably does at school. You know, when the class sits on a rug and the teacher reads a page. Then she shows the kids the page? Ya. THAT! 

Proud Mama moment, right there! 

(Also, her legs are crossed. there is a basketball hoop that is used daily. there are like 8 ornaments on one branch.)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

waco wonderland.

Every year Waco hosts Waco Wonderland downtown. It is an 8 day Christmas event that includes food trucks, carolers, ferris wheel, carousel, Santa, and ice skating. We knew we wanted to go but did not want to fight the crowds so we waited until Monday at 4 pm. Yup. NO ONE was there!
We happened to go on Cowboy Christmas day. This meant there were live animals. Boy, we picked the right day! Reyna loved them. She really wasn't afraid at all.


 If this one were a video, you would see her dancing and clapping with the donkey!

We got there a little early and while we waited for Papa to arrive, we got to meet Santa, again!
If you recall from last post, that didn't go well. 
But Santa was very patient and very nice. He sat with us on a bench and let her touch his hat and his boots, and gave candy, and even convinced her to give him a high five!

And while she still looks skeptical, she talked about it all night!

So thankful for a Santa who loves his job!

On to more Christmas festivities!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Visiting Santa and other happenings.

Baylor has the annual 'Christmas of 5th Street' event every year.
They light up the tree, carols are sung, theres a live nativity scene and petting zoo, santa, etc.
We decided to give it a go.
As we were walking in through this lit up sign, Reyna got sooo excited. She started jumping up and down and pointing and yelping.
We were so glad we came!
 We headed straight for Santa.
We knew the line would get long and she had been asking for Santa for days!
We stood in line for about 30 minutes. In the line, they have a cookie decorating station so that helped keep her entertained her for awhile.
Then we got to the "Santa Room".....
 and she loved the d├ęcor!
but of course when we got to meet him...all of a sudden, she was not a fan.
Of course we didn't push but this is the best picture we got.
Maybe next year.
I'm happy to report, she still likes Santa and talks about him often!
Then we went to see the carolers and lights outside and she fell.
and then we all fell apart.
So, we did what any tired, frustrated, sad parents would do...
We headed back home.
But, I was determined to end the night on a good note, so we put ornaments on the tree at home.

and she loved it!
And we all went to bed with memories of Christmas magic.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

tippy toes.

Reach for the stars, little one!

It always makes me giggle to see her stand on her toes.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

19 months.

This girl. 
She is now 19 months old. That number is so small! But her personality is so BIG!
I think we are past the white onsie pictures so here she with all her personality.

This section used to be "I can..." and listed new things she can do but now
 its a new section called "I don't wanna forget..."
A list of things I don't want to forget about Reyna at 19 months:

 She likes to smile - knows her friends names - takes off her shoes AND socks every time we are in the car - recognizes Santa - says "Excuse Me" - loves Meaty -likes Elmo and Abby - eats turkey - she calls her jacket her "suit"

Her love for the matching game. "Mama, match!" Which really means, "Sit with me and watch me match." I love that she claps when she gets one right and how she makes the noise of the animal when she matches. 

 I don't want to forget Chip, her little mouse. 
(He is named Chip, after Chip Gaines because she got him at Magnolia)
He lives is this little box and has a pillow, mattress and blanket. 
She so carefully puts him to bed over and over and over and over (X28) again. 
Look how intentional she is.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015.

We decided to host Thanksgiving at our place this year.
We had great weather on Wednesday but we knew rain was coming to we played outside on Thursday morning. 
Our little turkey dressed the part. Thanks for the outfit Tia Coach!
 Boy, this girl was so excited to have Meaty ride along in her wagon with her.
 I forgot to mention that we have a small house. Like, everyone can see everyone from every point in the room. There were 9 adults, 4 kids, 3 dogs, and two toddlers in our small space. We managed to watch a little football and entertain the kids enough.
Reyna really took to her 2nd cousins, Lilly and Luna. or "Baby Du-da"
Of course, I had a lot of help with the food and Mom did most of the cooking so everything turned out great.

 My guys.
You can't tell in this picture, but the tables are in the middle of the living room. LOL. 
We put them out just before lunch and took them down right after. Our original intent was to put them out on the patio but the weather didn't cooperate.

But what a crowd. So thankful for food and family.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Donut Party.

This weekend, Reyna was invited to her friends 2nd birthday party. 
It was a donut themed party and SO cute!
They had a donut craft. Here she is with the birthday girl making her donut.

Of course, you can't have a donut party without donuts!
What a spread.

 Reyna had never had a donut before. 
After watching the birthday girl eat hers, she copied. 
"Look ma, no hands!!"
 They had these cute milk bottles with sprinkles around the rim. Yum!
Penny just got a play kitchen so we decided to build on that. 
We gifted her these plush donuts! I just love them! 
It was fun to think of different toppings. 
The best thing is, I had all the stuff lying around the house!
They are made of felt and I think I found my new hobby ;)
 Here they are in a bakery box.
 Here is a close up of those sprinkles.

 It was a great party with so many cute kids! 
Also, Penny's mom owns a party supply store in SPICE called HelloJune. Check it out!