Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lewie the Great.

Lewie loves when Neil plays the piano. He always wants to be right in his lap but I think he found a new place to enjoy the sounds of music.

 I know.....our dogs run the place. I'm working on it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Home "Office".

Business is picking up in my little store. 
I guess people like mustaches more that I thought!
With all the orders coming in, I was having trouble keeping things in order. I took over neil's small desk, used a iron board for a table, and made a big mess of the room so I decided to make a better work space. 
The best part is that I did not purchase a SINGLE thing! yet...(i need a different chair).

I took two of our small bookcases and a long unused shelf from one of the closets, put them together and voila!
 I had to add a little life so I took some scrap fabric and wrapped it around a foam poster board I had lying around.
The silver lamp is from IKEA but I bought it years ago in college. See, it pays to hoard sometimes.
 I have been using it for about a week now and it makes all the difference!
Plus, I can give Neil back his space, which I decided to spruce up, too.
Its a work in progress but at least he can use the room too ;)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Launch Party = Success.

Saturday was the Live Well Waco Launch Party mentioned in the last post.
It seemed that all our hard work and planning paid off. We estimated 600 people in attendance. 
Here are a few pictures of the event.

We started with a FREE 5K and gave out free shirts to all participants. I was so happy to see so many families running together.

 We had a signature banner that people could sign if they "PLEDGE TO LIVE WELL!"
See Neil there? He came out to help and he did great - and he was the first to sign the banner :)
We had free horseback rides, too.
 The rides were not very long but I guess no one seemed to mind considering this was the line 2 minutes before the horses were scheduled to leave.....ya, we asked for an extra hour!
 Our favorite secretary claimed to have a secret talent of face painting and she did not disappoint! 
I think she was the busiest booth!

 We had Outdoor Waco there to host kayak, canoe, and paddleboards. We knew they would be a hit but we still under estimated. They saw about 300 people go through!
Our hope was that it would give people a chance to try something they normally would not.

 We also had about 15 inflatables. This one was awesome. It was five sided, each side with a different sport. See that ball suspended in the air? There was a air stream that came from the ball and suspended it there so you could swing.
 Each of our 5 wellness categories hosted a booth. This is Be Well, which focuses on chronic disease management.
 We also had a 30 foot rock climbing wall which was cool except for the horn at the top that you hit when you made it up there. Next time we won't have it so close to the vendors.
 Jousting seems to be a favorite but check out that view!
The park is located right on the river with Cameron Park bluffs on the other side.
 This kid was just so cute!!! look at him dragging all his goodies home. We gave away frisbees, plastic MyPlates, lunchboxes, fruit, colorbooks, magnets, bags, cups, etc.
It was his birthday and thought this whole party was for him!!! 

It rained all day Friday and Sunday but stopped just long enough for us on Saturday. 
The weather was perfect and the turnout was great!
But, this is just the beginning. This was the launch party so we have lots planned for the future. 
The website is also up now so visit 
to find out more!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Live Well Waco.

I do fun things at work.
 From the stories I bring home, Neil thinks that is like working in an episode from “the Office”.

 But that’s another story for another day.
We also do good things at work. The latest example is the Live Well Waco project that was started with the help of a grant we received. Community organizations have come together to increase the wellness of our citizens. The project  has 5 committees focusing on different aspects of wellness.
This has been a long time coming but all our efforts are leading up to 2 big events.
The first is the Launch Party:

We are hosting another FREE event with a Fun Run, 5K, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, cooking classes, yoga, zumba, jazzercise, Gladiator Camp, paddle boarding, yoga paddle boarding, biking, bounce houses, rock climbing, inflatable water slides, and LOTS, LOTS more! Also lots of giveaways and health information.

The second “event” is our website (coming soon). Its been a headache but its looking good! I will post the link when we go live.

Here you can find out about the 5 areas of Waco Wellness: Eat Well (that’s my committee), Play Well, Be Well, Think Well, and Work Well.

Both have been in the works for awhile so it is nice to see it all come together. I think when I leave this job one day I will be most skilled in event planning :)