Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nap Time, Craft Time.

For weeks, no, months, I have been sitting and waiting on the next thing to do.
I was sitting waiting to nurse or waiting for her to wake up, or to go to sleep.
I know that when I am creative (or crafty), I tend to be happier. So I took on a few DIY projects.

I started this quilt when I was pregnant. It never got finished. 
Part of that reason is because I decided to stitch it by hand!!!
What was I thinking? Never. Again.

I happened upon this old curtain that I kept because of the lace. I thought it might make a cute dress.

I had been seeing these yarn wreaths on line and thought they were cute so I whipped up one for her nursery door. I had most of the stuff already. Just bought the yarn and foam.
This ended up being one of my favorite crafts of all time!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Three months.

Reyna turned three months at the lake!
At 3 months, she is quite the girl!
She is all smiles and loves being with people. 
It was an adventurous month. She had her first flight, first boat ride, and first time meeting Aunt J, and Great Grandma/pa Bagnall. 

We are taking advantage of these last few weeks before we have to go back to work. 
It has been the best 3 months and I'm so grateful we have had this time to get to know her!