Thursday, September 29, 2016

open house.

Open house at her Montessori School was a hit!
Her class is ages 2.5-5 years old.
13 kids in her class. 
She is the youngest but not the smallest ;)

I did take lots of video and pictures since Neil was in school. 

I thought they did great! She did so well and was not at all nervous.

 sitting criss-cross-applesauce.
 She also got to show me around to all her lessons.
 She was so proud. 
This was her favorite station - pouring.

They did a stick dance.
 A fall song.
  and a bean bag song.
 Her doll made me crack up. Hers was the only one with braids, which does not surprise me since she loves wearing them!

In the month she has been at school she has learned SO much!
she learned the Continents!!! about mammals. horses. the weather. calendar days. her birthday. how to spell her name. 
I'll be honest, we were a little worried about her age but we are so glad with the outcome so far!
I can't wait to see what she brings home today!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The everyday.

Everyday I pick Reyna up from school and we talk. and hang out. Most afternoons its just me and her. I am her playmate which is AWESOME. but sometimes I have to get stuff done. We spend our afternoons ...
working on the yard (when its not too hot!)
 Doing crafts.
 visiting the fountains at Baylor.
 Having picnics in the front yard.
 playing hide-n-seek
 working on puzzles
 playing at chuck-e-cheese
visit the museum
 go to work with Mommy.
 go to "the toy store" (aka Target)
 Read to the pups.

Every day is different and some days we stay home but each day is a chance to learn something about my girl. I know this, she loves people and she loves learning.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Front door.

I am smitten with my new door mat.

Also, I love this view.

 Mat is from Target - $12

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

DIY vintage basket numbers

It all started with this number plaque I bought YEARS ago for $3.00.
I wasnt sure what I was gonna do with it but I held on to it. I finally decided that I wanted some numbers on my dining room baskets. I went back to the store I bought them and of course they don't stock them anymore because its retail and they change every season. I searched online and found them and ones similar for $9-15 EACH!
old wire baskets  reminds me of going swimming with dad and sis, wish I had a wall of these...seriously  got a sense memory of the pool dressing room smell......:
I needed three. No way I was dropping $45 on tags! 
So I got to thinking that I could make them. 
Here is what I came up with. 
I used cork, sticker numbers, paint, and glue.

 I traced the plaque I already had since I liked the size.
Then I painted the cork white, painted the numbers black and glued them on. 
Here is the original on top and mine on bottom.
 I put brads on and secured them to the basket. 
This also allowed be to use meaningful numbers (our area code - 254)

 Here they are lined up.
It cost me around $5 to make all three.
Now, that' worth it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

House Tour - Dining Room

Its been awhile and we have already made some progress on our dining room so I thought I had better put Before pictures up.

The dining room is much more space and storage that we ever thought we'd have.
It is a great place to put out all the pretty dishes. The red hadn't really bothered me but you can see the paint samples up on the wall already. This room meets up with the living room and has access to the guest room and kitchen.

We bought the table in our other house because it folded down to be only 12 inches wide.
Well, fully extended, it is much too small in this new space. Scale is one thing we have had to learn about since moving in.

My hope is to have it done by Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

half a quarter too long.

This weekend, we had a home football game on a Friday night.
Because of this, finding a sitter was difficult.
We also knew if we wanted to take Reyna to a game this year, this was probably the best option.
The weather was perfect. It overlapped with bedtime but we figured we could make it to half time.
We park about one mile away and she walked most of the way with her pom pom.

In the stadium, she caught on quickly to the cheers and chants. 
She made it on the jumbotoron,
Found Bruiser (mascot),
Loved the baton twirlers, and
ate too much popcorn. 

We probably stayed a little too long, though.
Our one mile walk back was interrupted by a potty break without a potty around. 
This meant helping her squat on the grass "like Rexx and Lewie", she said, and then trying to convince her to put some form of underclothes back on. 
We made it to the car and she was asleep before we even got home (1 mile away)

The end.