Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project Green Thumb

I am soooo bad with plants. I kill everything. My mom bought me this awesome big flowering cactus...and I killed it, a texas! Somehow, I am now in charge of the community garden at work. Needless to say, I am learning as I go.

This month we had an Indoor Seeding event in which we planted seeds in cups so that we can transplant them later. The group planted about 80 0f these babies.

Then the tough part came....I had to take some (half) home!

I spent some time watering and creating a faux green house around them. Then, two weeks later, we had a meeting at work and the person that took the other half said "I am not a gardener so what do I do with all the plants that are coming up?"

My. heart. fell. Hers were growing and mine were not. I just looked last night. Everyone gave their two sense while I silently moped.

I got home late and after dinner, I started to wipe the countertops (where the "greenhouse" was sitting) and pathetically lifted the trashbag knowing full well that there was nothing there last night.

BUT THERE WAS! A whole bunch of them sprouted over night!!

As per instruction, I moved those that sprouted nearer to a light source. They now sit happily on our window sill. See.

Moral of the story.... its never to late to learn...or, keep on truckin'.... or, it takes practice..... whatever!!! I did it. Low lets see if I can keep them alive for a couple more weeks......

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  1. It might run in the family, Margo. I kill all of the plants that come into our home also. My Christmas Cactus is half dead. Your seeds do look good now that they have sprouted ! Let us know what happens. Can you plant them at home and then use what has been produced? Love, Gr. B.