Friday, September 27, 2013


1. Listening - for answers to prayers
2. Eating - Jolly Ranchers (Watermelon).
3. Wearing - my first Baylor Faculty polo!
4. Feeling - inadequate.
5. Drinking - milk
6. Reading - test, projects, and assignments
7. Wanting - to see my Iowa parents. Patience.
8. Needing - energy. answers.
9. Thinking - of how I have never had a lesson on HOW to teach effectively.
10. Enjoying - Neil for his humor, kidness, and understanding.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Milestones and Numbers.

I think I was that kid. When I was 13 I wanted to be 16. When I was 16, I wanted to be 18. When I was 18 I wanted to be 22. Then it stopped. I stopped wanting what was bound to come anyways. My dad said to me in college, "You're going to miss this". He was right.

As I'm packing to go down to San Antonio for my BABY sister's bachelorette party, I'm surprised by the emotions it brings out. She is getting married. That's a milestone in anyone's life. Luckly, I was raised without expectations or limits regarding age and milestones. And for this I am thankful.

When I think of her getting married, it has never occurred to me that she is 25. I was married at 23. My best friend is not married and she is 27. Many cousins older than me are not yet married but thats awesome! There are 16 year old moms, my mom had me at 28, my friend is pregnant for the first time at 36. Age is just a number. It should not be a measuring stick for success.  Getting married, having kids, graduating from college are all milestones that we meet when we get there and regardless of age, they are very special.

We have all been in that situation where you are buying a bridal or baby shower gift every weekend and you start to get invitations for baptisms, and 1st birthday parties. I've been there when people start asking the BIG questions. "When are you getting married?" "When are you having kids?" "When are you moving out?" Honestly,what does it matter? Are you going to be less happy for me if I wait a few years? Not in a mean way but what if the answer is, "I don't know" or maybe its, "We are trying."? Are you going to give me some advice that will get me there sooner? Will doing it sooner guarantee a better marriage, better children? Probably not. Society does this to us and we feed into it but the freedom you feel when you disregard numbers is truly life changing.

So break the mold. Take your life into your own hands and go with God's plan. We are each a testament to His grace and mercy. Relase the pressure, the boundaries, the expectations.
Buy a house or don't.
Go for your dream job or quit your job.
Go back to school or pack up and travel.
Cut your hair. Wear red lipstick.
Whatever you do, remember that age is just

Im in my 20s and I feel "50" somedays and "18" the next. What does that even mean? Why can't a 20 something enjoy knitting? Why shouldn't she wear cheetah print heels? Now I work with college students everyday and I hope they are ageless. I hope you are and I hope I am.

Do something that breaks the age limit today.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I know I owe you pictures of my sister's shower. I left my camera at home so it might take a second.

This week:
1. Listening - to sports radio
2. Eating - Quiznos with my love.
3. Wearing - neon yellow dress, scarf and purple flats
4. Feeling - Impatient. Excited.
5. Drinking - Sprite
6. Reading - Wicked, News stories
7. Wanting - to help with the wedding. 3 hours seems so far away right now.
                      - fall weather
8. Needing - to grade projects, input grades
9. Thinking - about the temperatures for the football game this weekend :(
                       - getting to see my Iowa family in October.
                       - a yummy lunch date with former co-worker
10. Enjoying - my office

Friday, September 6, 2013


1. Listening - to stress management Cd (soothing music)
2. Eating - lots of chips and salsa. My current favorite is from Rancho Grande.
3. Wearing - glittery ballet flats
4. Feeling - anxious about Meg's shower. Lucky about having my dream job at 27!
5. Drinking - LOTS of water.
6. Reading - Same Kind of Different as me (I assigned it for a class...), Wicked.
7. Wanting - a small sofa or love seat for my office
8. Needing - to workout my arms, finish etsy orders, get my bridesmaid dress hemmed
9. Thinking - about bridal shower, September 10th
10. Enjoying - a flexible schedule; lunch dates with my bff,

Sometimes life gets too busy to catalog everything but this is an easy way to catalog life quickly! My plan is to take this inventory once a month. I'm headed to San Antonio to host my baby sister's bridal shower!!! Pictures to come soon!