Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Summer Bucket list.

I love lists!
So here we go...
Summer 2015 Bucket List

1. go to Hamilton Pool Park

2. go camping (RVing) with my parents.
3. go to the aquarium.
4. visit a few splash parks in town.
5. have a garage sale.
6. read three fun books.
7. read three work related books.
8. go on an overnight trip without the baby
9. go toobing down the Guadalupe river

I think we can do this and have made plans for some already!

Monday, May 18, 2015

End of school year.

Its been awhile but things are busy around here. Here is what's going on.

1.Neil just finished his first year of Ph.D school!
      This meant 3 papers, each ~20 pages, which meant lots of time needed to work. It also included   driving to Austing 3-4 times a week! We are thankful for the break and all the extra time we get with him.

2. I finished up another semester of teaching 4 classes.

3. I am working on an online class for the first summer sesison. from scratch. its time consuming.

4. Reyna has two more weeks of day care. This means, we have some time to do things around the house.

5. I am cleaning out ALL of our sheds.

6. I am hoping to have a garage sale with all my shed findings.

7. We have hosted 3 dinners for friends who were so nice to have us over A LONG TIME ago.

8. We are planning a trip to Minnesota.

9. It has been raining for a week with no end in sight. It has been keeping it cool around these parts. I like it.

10. We have visited the Mayborn Museum 3 times last week.

With summer around the corner, it feels like we are getting to a pace of life that is exciting. Less responsiblities. More fun. Baby is hilarious and fun to play with. I have big plans for the summer. Maybe too big.....