Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gracious Alive, I'm 25!

On snow day, my parents still managed to drive up and get me out of work an hour earlier. We spent the first night hanging out and playing some Banana Grams. The next day, was my birthday. We got up early and opened lots of presents. Keeping with the shopping spree theme, they added lots of great clothes to my growing wardrobe. Lots of it was workout clothes that even with a shopping spree I would never buy myself. Then, Neil brought in the BIG 70lb. gift from the shed. I had no idea what it was but it was another great buy!

An elliptical! Over Thanksgiving in Iowa, I fell in love with an elliptical. I mentioned it once and figured they were out of our price range. Well, this is a very simple one that still manages to keep distance, time, etc. Such a great gift! Thanks Neil!

Also, I started P90X .... too many pushups!

We went shopping all day, took a break to go to my basketball game, which we won by one!, and back shopping and then we met the guys at a new restaurant-Heitmiller Steakhouse. It.was.good. I am the only one that did not order steak but everything was so good. We will visit again soon.

And of course no birthday is complete without a birthday cake. They surprised me with Sundae Ice Cream cake!


  1. What a great 25th!! You celebrated your quarter century big time. Nice work on the gift, Neil! That was an awesome idea!!

  2. Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful birthday, Margo. I think this looks like a good combination: An ice cream cake and an elliptical machine. Sorry we didn't make contact with you on your birthday, but know you were busy and we are so glad you had a special day. Love, Grandma and Grandpa