Friday, March 22, 2013

Lewie's snack.

Silence is golden.....or a sign of trouble!
Lewie was too quiet and when we found him, this is what we saw!

He loves his raisins!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Master Makeover.

Our “roommate” moved back in and that means we are back in the downstairs bedroom. Which I have decided I like better, anyways. I took this chance to spruce it up a little. For $100 I redecorated the room. 

We used the same comforter, bed and paint. The only thing different was that I used these teal pillows to add a little color. We already had them and were being unused in the library so it was free.
 The photos are of a few landmarks in Waco. I took them via Instagram and had them printed at OfficeMax. The black frames are album frames from Michael's and were 3 for $9.99. I added them to painted 2X2 plywood squares.  I already had 2 of them so I bought one for $5.99 from Home Depot.
  The lamp was the biggest splurge but I love it! I got it at Marshall’s for $50.00.
Put it all together and bam!
 Call it Spring Cleaning but It makes me happy! I love change and a little color never hurt anyone, right?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

No sew curtains.

I have been searching for curtain fabric for the kitchen window for a really long time. I put up some temporary ones until I found something else. I came across this website called SPOONFLOWER and they sell awesome fabric!! Anything and everything you could think of...bacon? Got it.

 ....pickles? got it.

....scrabble??? Got it!
I've got to figure out how to use that fabric!!

After searching "yellow and brown" to match the paint colors in the kitchen I narrowed it down to a few fabrics and Neil got to choose...and he did great!
The fabric showed up at our door about 5 days later and i got to work. I was busy lazy so I tried a no- sew- method. I ironed out about a 1 inch hem all the way around the fabric and layed down a piece of adhesive tape between the fold.

I put an iron to it for 30 seconds and about 3 minutes later....the whole thing was done. The hems looked great! Probably better than if I sewed it.
I created a little pocket on the top for the curtain and put it up. It matches well and was so easy!

I have since used the tape for the hem of some dress pants, the lining of a purse, and trim on another curtain!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Glorification of Busy.

Busy-ness. Its an excuse. Its an addiction. Its a way of life. 
I hate it! I don't believe anyone wants to live a busy life. A full life? Yes. A busy one? Probably not. 

Busyiness makes you miss out on life. That's where I am now. In the middle of battling busyness.

- working 7 of the next 8 weekends.
- responding to store emails everyday.
- product research to make sure that prices and image of the store is up to par with similar items.
- rewriting a new edition of the Dining Guide at work.
- doing Rosetta Stone 3 hours a week.
- journaling daily.
- keeping in touch with family.
- planning a trip around the world.
- filling 32 etsy orders in three days! And they are still coming in! (guess all that research paid off)
- preparing/presenting to Baylor faculty and staff.
- on that note, lots of hoping ;)
- keeping a house clean.
- cooking healthy meals at least 5 days a week.

One of my professors used to say this all the time: 

I know I am stretching myself thin and not doing any of these things well.  I want to make sure that I am spending QUALITY time with my best friend.  QUALITY time with my Bible. Providing QUALITY work.

So I have been taking inventory and cutting back where needed.  
Giving mom some etsy orders. Catching up on emails AFTER the BFF is asleep. Abusing my crockpot. blogging less. taking flex time to workout and do Rosetta Stone. Avoiding Facebook.

All this to say, sorry for the blogging inactivity!
I will catch you up soon!