Monday, January 23, 2012

My Sister.


This weekend we had a beautiful guest! My sister. We had some fun outside with new lenses and beautiful natural light!

Thanks, Meg. I had fun!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Office Space.

Things they are a changin' at work.
In the shuffle, I managed to snag a new office. I jumped at the opportunity to do a little redecorating.
Again, using things what I already had (which I found out is wayyy too much), I was able to put together a very happy workplace.

Office Art: Contol, Alt, Delete canvases - I just hand drew them and went over them with a sharpie.
$1 trays from Target fit the cubbies perfectly and left over square cork boards were covered with fabric to add a little fun.
No office is complete without a bulletin board. I covered it with matching fabric.
There's a lot more to do and I'll post an update when it is done!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter Crops.

I planted a fall garden in August and then it froze on some random day. 
Many plants did not make it.
However, I have two crops that are still producing. Remember, its January, so that's pretty rare. 
I have done nothing. No watering. No pulling weeds. Nothing! 
I guess that's how it always works, huh? 

Today I found this in the garden.
Two full heads of lettuce...

 &Two small heads of broccoli sprouting. Nothing grew in the fall.
 We had the lettuce for dinner. We will see if we can harvest the broccoli soon. :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Floored.

The powder room finally got floored.
It took longer than it was supposed to but with a little kick from dad, we got it going!

It is such a small space but I don't know if that made it easier or more difficult.
Anyway, I am so glad with the way it turned out ... although I don't plan on doing it again anytime soon!

Some things I learned;
1. Pre-mixed grout is the way to go!
2. Cutting 1 inch tiles with a wet saw is better left to the professionals (dad).
3. When in doubt, follow the directions.
4. It will look better when it's grouted.
5. Having the right tools always helps.

I am so glad to have it done and I can't believe how good it looks!
I still have a little more to do in there but it will do for now!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The infamous resolutions.

Last year's resolutions went pretty well.
1. Go through P90X - check? I did really well for 60 days then got really sick and stopped. 
2. Play guitar - check? I tried teaching myself and learned some church songs then stopped. 
3. Save money - check? I thought I did well and made it a point to think twice about random purchases. 

Ok, so I am seeing a pattern. I get excited about things, do them, and stop. Also, 2 of those 3 were action oriented. This year, I am trying something new.

1. Use less exaggeration - when I say "that's awesome" I really mean "that's kinda cool". I want to lessen my exaggerations so that when I say "that's amazing!" you know I mean it.
2. Learn Spanish - I'm not sure if this is action oriented but I want to get through Rosetta Stone at work, and utilize the spanish I already know in real conversation (w/ parents, coworkers, clients, etc)

That's all.
My life inventory usually occurs on my birthday, which is almost here, so any life altering goals might happen then.
Hope you find peace in your New Year!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Alamobowl 2011.

Even before we knew we were going to a bowl game, we already had tickets. 
We pre-ordered and we considered it a Christmas present!
San Antonio was very happy to have Baylor fans in town.
And we were happy to be there!
 We went with my parents, sister, and mark and we had a great time. If you missed the was a rollercoaster ride!

We definitely got our money's worth!

It is so nice to see the celebration after an awesome season!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

use-only-what-you-already-have challenge.

My sister just moved into an old, victorian house in a great location with a hilarious roommate.
What place is better for a 20 something female, than a PINK house??? lol I love it.

Because I was in for the bowl game (sic 'em), she asked for some help decorating. Using only what she already had, I think we did a great job of making it both useful and beautiful!

An empty hallway quickly turned festive.

The headboard was a vinyl decal with the perfect colors.

Her favorite part of the redecoration was the closet. A small walk-in gained a huge personality!
 Again, everything here was reused. The bracelet holder is an old vase. The picture of Frida Kahlo was under her bed at home and we found the gold frame at the new house.
 A few other pieces in the room:

This bench was reupholstered to match her decor.
This cute chest became her new bedside table and happens to match the headboard pretty well. 

I had fun and best of all, the place is starting to feel more like home to her :)