Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm feeling HOT HOT HOT

If you don't know....it is HOT here!

We are setting all sorts of records.

Yesterday, Monday, the temperature hit 107! That is NOT heat index. The high broke the previous record of 106 set in 1988.

Today was another scorcher, but not near as bad as yesterday. It got up to 103...and it rained. Today gave us day #25 of consecutive triple digits, tying the 5th all time record streak.

But I see the end in sight. Tomorrow should ONLY be 95.

It is 8:00 now and it is 88 degrees. There is just no escaping it.

I can't wait for winter-Texas winter of course :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The power of words

We use words everyday but sometimes we take them for granted. They are so powerful. A simple hello could change a life. A "sorry" could turn a relationship around. Of course, there are hurtful words but sometimes words don't have to be said to have an impact.

As Pastor finished up his sermon today the lights began to dim and he introduced a segment called 'Cardboard Testimonies'. Church members were able to witness how God transformed situations and lives for His glory in countless ways. From cancer to imprisionment-- from the death of a spouse to the addiction of pornography, God never let go and never gave up on those who called upon His Name.

The effectiveness of the simplicity was amazing. Families stood up there and expressed individually how thier father's death impacted them without saying a word. Tears were shed among the congregation.

It was a Very pleasant suprise and so effective that I had to share. I attached a youtube version of one from another congregation.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The BIG buy

The day I vitisted Laverty's is the same day that Neil made his big purchase.
I was unaware of this purchase.

I got home and he asked "How would you feel about putting something in that corner"
"It doesn't need anything" I said.
"Well I bought something for it, and its big"
"What? From where?"
"Great" I thought, it could be anything.
"Guess what it is"

For some strange reason the first thing I though of was a totem pole...? I don't know why. I guess I was just expecting something ridiculous. And something that would be on Craigslist.

"Its a .... PIANO!" He was soooo excited.

The first thing I thought was, "Where are we going to put it?" I'm sad at my reaction now. I know how excited he was. He went out there to see it and test it and it all worked out. It as a GREAT price and it does appeal to my antiquing side. It was made in 1909 and has been really well taken care of. It matches our furniture and Neil loves it.

Its a little bit crowded now but I'll think of something.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Let me start out by saying that I know all the cute boutiques and antique shops in the small town of Waco and my favorite is LAVERTY'S! It is best described as a glorified junk yard. I mean that in the best way possible, of course. They find really unique pieces, antique dressers and beds, old lamps and broken pieces of stuff that they somehow make look really appealing.

for example....

They are open most of the year but they tend to take summers off. So, this day is the day we have all been waiting for. It was the first day it has been open in two months. I thought I would go early and leave early.....wrong! I arrived ten minutes before it opened and there were already thirty people waiting outside the door. One would think that they were giving away free stuff.

What was even more extraordinary was the strategy the was put into the groups that arrived. They came in teams, set up locations, brought walkie talkies and personalized sticky notes! There was no time to decide. You tagged everything you liked and decided on it later. I overheard some people spending thousands of dollars within ten minutes.

Even though it was hectic it was kind of fun too. My little pile was nothing compared to the mounds of merchandise some had but it was fun to see all the hustle bustle over reused and recycled stuff.

I did manage to snag a few things.

its the basket..not the stuff in it. I have a thing for boxes. Its just so old and handy and $3

Its the scale, not the fruit. I have always thought it would be cute to use a decoration.

I was not sure exactly what this was but have since found out that it is a replica of an armillary sphere.? Whatever, its cool. Neil likes it because all the rings inside rotate.

This was really random. I have been trying to break up the matchy matchy-ness of our all brown living room and I really liked this cart. I figured I could try it as the coffee table. I am still not sure that it will work in our living room but I'll find a place for it. It was just too cool to pass up.

but, I kinda like all the different textures in the room.

Anyhow, those were my purchases. Join us Saturday for Neil's BIG buy!

hint...its from Craigslist
....and it is large
...possibly too large for our house.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Free Art

Sometimes when I have an urge to redecorate, I first try
changing out new art pieces. I always like personalized
stuff. I found this website that allows you to make some
fun, easy,free personalized art pieces. You just input
words and it will randomize them into different styles.
You can choose colors and font until your heart's content.
This would make a great piece for any occasion.You can
print it off directly from the website, put it a frame and voila!
It also a great website to just play around on.

For your own art visit www.wordle.com

Thursday, August 5, 2010


was a great day!
I worked super hard from 9:00am - 8:00pm.
There were so many successes within the rough day.

9:00 am- I made 10 phone calls soliciting our community garden.....but I landed a spot at a RETIREMENT HOME!!! how cute is that? i am much more excited about it now.

1:00 - I ate way too much at the 2 parties during work hours, but...... i got free ice cream.

5:00 - I had to lead a work wellness walk in the 100 degree weather, but.... I pushed a participant to walk 2 miles that he had NEVER walked before!

6:00 - I had to host ZUMBA class but..... got to celebrate with a participant who lost her first 10 pounds since starting our program!

7:00 - I had to work late but....I met 15 abused women who were so excited to learn about nutrition and kept me an extra 30 minutes asking questions :)

Sometimes its worth it to go the extra mile. Life is much better when we look for the positives, huh?

p.s Neil has poision ivy or oak again :(

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Create a Plate

I found this website called Dollarstore crafts.com and there was this tutorial on creating your own plates. I thought I would give it a try. It is super easy and it cost $1.00.

- White ceramic plate ($1)
- Ceramic Marker (already had one)

Basically, you just draw or write whatever you would like. You can buy colored markers and get really fancy. You should make it kind of think so that it will show up better. Then you let it dry for two days. Then you bake it for 15-30 minutes at 300 degrees. (make sure the plate is microwave safe)

These are the test plates I did. I could not think of anything to draw so I put our favorite and most used recipe at the bottom of a bowl. Every time I make this dish, someone always asks for the recipe. Now, if i serve it in the bowl, they can take it back and have the recipe! For $1 its a quilt free give away.

I tried it on a plate too. This one will be for my mom's birthday. I like to think of it as a hidden message. I always make my moms cake so I thought that if I put the cake on the plate, she won't know there is a message on it until the very end

These are pretty basic but I think all get more creative with it. Its a great way to personalize. Just a fun craft for those lazy weekends.