Tuesday, February 15, 2011

shopping spree

Warning.....this is a girly post.

My birthday gift this year was a shopping spree! I was so excited to have mom and meg come up to shop with me. I really did not have an agenda or list of things I "needed" so it was one long spontaneous shopping day.

List of new items:
  • multicolored dress
  • blue bracelets
  • gold earrings
  • vintage looking pink blouse
  • pink hoop earrings
  • pink and white floral bracelets
  • turquoise suede boots
  • black leather ruffle jacket
  • blue silk blouse
  • navy and white dress
  • teal cross body purse
  • purple and black silk tunic top
  • pink lace blouse
much of what I bought can be mixed and matched. Also, I did take some of what I already had at home into consideration. I have TONS of purple so I tried to stay away from that. And, I bought whole outfits, jewelry and all. Many times I buy something I like thinking " I'll find something for that" but I never do.

Just thought I would share my shopping finds with you! Thanks for all you actively and financially participated in making this day possible..... ;)


  1. What a fun day you must have had and to be able to do it with your mom and sister made it even more special. Looks like you will have fun wearing all of your new things also. Maybe you need to do a style show and have Neil take pictures. Love, Gr. B.

  2. Margo, After we talked on the phone, I said to Brice, "I forgot to ask Margo what she got on her shopping trip!" I'm glad you took pictures. That is better yet. Love the blue suede boots. Great idea to get the whole outfit at once. Love it all! Makes going to work fun when you have new stuff to wear:)
    Love, Mom S.