Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DIY Beadboard Door-Rock the Vote Reveal

Last month kicked off the ROCK the VOTE series here. The first vote was a makeover for these two orange doors:

The winning options was the beadboard inserts.
No matter what option won, it was going to be a DIY but this is like beginners DIY. It was so easy and super inexpensive when compared to purchasing brand new doors.

First I scoped out all the home improvement stores for just the right "beadboard".
I finally found what I was looking for...beadboard wallpaper. It looks exactly like the real thing. I put them against eachother and even the widths of stripes were the same! It has texture and depth so I am confident that you would never know the difference in person. As far as price goes, it was a steal. The real beadboard started at $23.00 for 24sq. ft. The roll was $20 for 65 sq. ft!

After bringing her home (no, nothing this beautiful and dainty could be a boy) I began the transformation by measuring out the size of the panels by using a level, yard stick, and a pencil.
To make life a little easier, I went with the width that the paper came in so that I only had to make two straight cuts per panel. In case you are wondering how hard it was to work with wallpaper, let me tell you, if I would have know wallpaper was this easy, it would be EVERYWHERE! jk.

I simply submerged it in the shower for 30 seconds. Then, I took it out, let it set for 5 minutes and then slapped it on the door. I smoothed it out with (don't laugh) a coaster, and wiped it down.
Here is a close up of the beading.

Here he (nothing this tall and awkward could be a girl) is with wall paper stuck on.

24 hours later it was dry and then began the process of adding trim. There are not many "cheap" options as far as trim goes but I did manage to get the cheapest one at $2.99 each.

I brought in the big guns (husband) for this part. And all I can say is that he did lots of math and didn't miss one cut! He comes highly recommended :)

Look at that banged up door. It was time for a facelift!
After everything was up, I caulked only the where the corners of the trim met and where the finishing nails went in. Then I painted it all white.

Here he is in all his glory!

Here is the breakdown for cost:
Doors - FREE
white paint - left over from cabinets
trim - $24.00 (I have one left over)
beadboard wallpaper - $20.00 (I have tons left over)
TOTAL = $44.00 or $22.00 EACH!

FYI: I priced a beadboard door at the store and the cheapest one I found was $179.99!
Wowzers! That's a good deal!


  1. This is so great! I was just looking at my two bathroom doors thinking I needed to do something with the plain janes but...what? Where did you find the wall paper? I am bookmarking this one for sure and the price is definitely right! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Did you do it on your bathroom cabinets doors? If so how did it turn out? Did you out trim on the edge to make it look clean?

  2. Looks great Margo! As always, I am impressed :)

  3. I've put the bead board paper on some farm house panel doors in my home, the inserts were already there I just added paper!
    I love how this turned out. I've tried to get my daughter to let me do this to her plain doors in her house. Yours look fabulous.

    great job-- Pat

  4. I love how these turned out! You (and Mr. Man) did a fabulous job. We needed you for the bathroom redo at the lake! Great wedding pictures too by the way :)

    Awesome, Mom S.

  5. This looks great!! I have used real beadboard, but not the wallpaper and you made it sound super easy to do! Thanks for linking up :)

  6. This is exactly what I was looking for -- I want to make my bathroom vanity appear as if it has beadboard inserts and was wondering if it could be done with the beadboard wallpaper that I've seen at Lowe's. Bookmarking this page -- genius!!! Thanks so much!

  7. Great idea,,, thanks for sharing!!

  8. This is a great idea and a wonderful execution. I have been looking for a way to up date my back door and this would be great. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I was wondering if before you painted did you sand? And what was the length of both portions of the wallpaper on the doors? Thx.....I am totally doing this to my doors!

  10. This is exactly what I need for my doors. On my way to purchase materials.

  11. I'm definitely doing this to all my doors! The wallpaper is genius...I didn't know that existed! I'm really excited! Thanks!

  12. This is perfect for the guest cottage of the beach house I'm renovating, thank you for the share...it's a really clever idea.

  13. I Am Looking For A Way To Update My Painters Grade Doors And This Is It! Thank you So Much I Want The Headboard Doors But My Dime Budget Won't Allow It! Thank You Once Again!!!

  14. Looks awesome! You think it will work with kitchen cabinets?

    1. We did it on our kitchen cabinets over a month ago. Still looks great!

  15. What brand of wallpaper did you use? Where did you find it?

  16. Do you know the width of the trim?