Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time for a Change.

So do you ever get the urge for change?
 I do. I like change. I like meeting new people, new schedules, new years, moving, changing jobs, going to a new gym, etc. etc. etc. 
Every now and then when things are going swimmingly I want to stir the pot a little. That is how I feel recently.
Should I paint a bedroom?
Should I get a new job?
Should I get a new hobby?
Na...I think a quick hair cut will do just fine!

At first I thought of coloring my hair jet black. I even bought the dye but I chickened out.
The bangs will stay at least till they grow out.
This change will do for now :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quick Curtains.

I did a little pick me up in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago. I redid the curtains in there. There was nothing "wrong" with them except that EVERTHING was white and I was getting bored. This is what I came up with.

 This whole thing stemmed from the fact that the long curtains were too short. This drove me crazy!
This picture was taken during November and then I washed them and they got even shorter.
I took the opportunity to coordinate the sink curtians with the long curtains.
Of course this may not be permanent but it is definately a good start and it was free so no harm there :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Great Day to be a Bear.

It was a beautiful weekend. The sun was shining enough to leave a little tan, the wind kept the flag flying, and the shade was comfortable enough to nap in. We planned a weekend of outdoor activities including a run together and a Baylor Baseball game. In case you are unaware, the baseball team was on a 22 game winning streak - almost unheard of! Well we were playing Texas A&M and not only wanted to win the series but keep up our winning streak. We headed to the stadium and were literally next in line when they told us it was sold out!!! That has never happened before. So, we snuck around the back and managed to snag this picture before heading out.

Lucky for us, it was a 3 day series so we made it in on Sunday although, there were still only bleacher seats.
This is a good problem to have, I suppose.
We had great seats and great weather.

And....another win!!! We swept the Aggies and extend the streak to 23!
It was another great day to be a Bear!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Boy on his Birthday.

This weekend was Neil's 26th birthday!!!
In an effort to be low key we had a nice family outing with my parents.
We met down in Austin and started the day with a nice Kayaking trip. We had never done it but
  I enjoyed it. Sadly, there are no pictures to prove it. I didn't feel comfortable with my camera that close to the water : /

Afterwards, we went to this AWESOME mexican restaurant called VIVO and opened gifts.
This card was from my sister...think about it, think about it....
its an

My parents got him a new wallet which was definitely needed. His was starting to smell bad.
 They also got him a memory foam pillow. I have one and he steals it every night! So I know he'll love it.

 He opened my gift before we left, mainly because I didn't want to haul it down there.
 We had to put it together and it took a bit, but it turned out beautifully.
 After adding a few things we already had, it got really cozy real fast.

 I added an inscription plate for him "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be"

Its already gotten good use and it looks beautiful. Lewie likes it too.
 Of course no birthday is complete without ice cream and we had ice cream cake!!
Happy Birthday to you , Neil!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter in Ohio.

 This was a rare Easter for us. We got to spend our Easter in Chillicothe, Ohio. The Shanks family is from there and we got to spend our holiday in the open farmland with beautiful 60 degree weather. We got to be and meet family that I had not yet met. We had a wonderful brunch, lots of food, kiddos and puppies running around, bonfires, banana boats, easter baskets, and a beautiful memorial for Grandpa Shanks.

Egg Toss in action
The traditional family picture.
 The guys worked on Grandpa'a old tractor and got it working! I think its beautiful.
 Visiting with Grandma Shanks was a blessing that does not come nearly enough in our journeys.

 And I had to throw in this picture because I think he looks so handsome and I love that it is his grandpa's tractor.
Hope your Easter was as blessed as ours!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Light.

So we had an "incident" the other night. I was doing push ups on the floor and this clock fell off the wall. Apparently the nail slid out...and the same time I was on the floor. Weird, I know. So it fell off the wall, hit the lamp and crashed on my leg leaving light bulb everywhere, a cut on my leg and a broken lamp shade.

 I took this opportunity to make a little switchero. I had this left over lampshade so I went with it...
and i love it.
The cream color really lightens things up, makes it feel like spring. 
It has some rouching that adds texture and "cuteness" that I have to reign back on with a hubby around :)

I guess it was a happy accident.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

An OK 5K.

The Community Play Day & 5K I planned for work was this weekend. The 5k was the main event and we had over 150 people sign up!! 100 was my goal so I can say it was a success. And while we planned on having Melissa Jones as our guest speaker she was not able to attend, HOWEVER...I had three special guests come out.

The 5k went off without a hitch. It seemed that  everyone enjoyed the route, the shirts, and the weather. Everyone got a free shirt, grocery shopping bag, fruit, and lots lots more! It was great to see families, kids, dogs and strollers on the route. Apparently, some 5ks have rules against that.

We also had other events:
Cooking Demonstrations
Three healthy recipes were demonstrated and available for taste testing.
 Bounce House
 Rock Climbing
 Zumba in the street!
Of course the road was blocked off but we had a GREAT instructor and a good turnout. 
Imagine walking by and seeing 20 people dancing in the street... :)
FREE bike rentals
The company brought out some bikes and people could borrow them to go riding on the nearby trails.

 Velcro Wall

carnival games, basketball, peddle cars, bungee run, and a good time. 
All events were free, and we thought it turned out really well.

It was a lot of work, and stress, and worry but in the end it turned out well.
We are planning for the next one in September!