Wednesday, April 29, 2015

You are my Sunshine Birthday Party.

I had some fun with this first birthday party!
The theme was YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE.
It started off with these cute invitations found on ETSY. 

 We had lots of sweets. 

 I made the cake by using two round cakes.
My sister helped so much with the decorations and made this sign. 
We used a lot of what we had. Streamers, flowers, paper, etc. The banner was part of the invitation package. And believe it or not, I made those cloud pillows long before we knew the theme of this party.

 We had a pinata that was so hard to break but she really liked it!

 It was a great time spent with family.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Strength and Motherhood.

We were warned about the lack of sleep. We knew it was real but there is nothing like experiencing it for yourself. For me, its not so much the lack of sleep as it is the lack of strength. Despite being able to hold a baby in my arms for an hour, I still lack physical strength. Is that called energy? Maybe. Often times I can't muster the strength to fold laundry or go for a run or cook a good meal.

Perhaps the scariest part of this is the lack of mental strength. I am a confident person but all of a sudden I am unsure of EVERY decision. Self doubt and worry creep in to my everyday life. I doubt my ability daily.  I don't think these feelings are unique to me. I think all new parents feel this way.

So, all this to say, my first year of mothering has been a lesson in trust.

I have asked my self this question many times: "Can I do this?"
And the answer is NO.
I cannot do this.
Not on my own, anyways.
But I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
THROUGH Christ....
Not in addition to.
Not next to.
Not with.
In one side and out the opposite side of. Among or between; in the midst of. By way of. From beginning to end; completely. 

We were not meant to do this alone. So if I am expecting to find the strength within myself or from my husband, I'm gonna be searching for a long time!

When I pray the prayer "Lord, give me the strength" he answers.
Do I have an abundance of strength?
Do I have extra strength at the end of the day?

Everyday I have to trust that He will give me ENOUGH strength to get through today.
Enough to parent and work and wife (as a verb).
Enough physical strength to rock and nurse and play.
Enough mental strength to be joyful and intentional and make decisions.

Just enough today. Just enough tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April Birthday Celebrations.

We now have 3 Shanks birthdays to celebrate in April. 
Dad, Neil, and Reyna. 
Grandma and Grandpa came down for the weekend to celebrate and boy did we!

 We had some great dinners, lots of desserts, and so much love!

She got the hang of opening presents very quickly!
And reading her card....
 How she adores Papa!
 She loves her new car!

 "I'm ONE"

Happy Birthday to these three who make my world a better place!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

11 months.

11 months!
Wow! I can hardly believe it. 
She spent too many days in month 10 sick. We dealt with pink eye, cough, colds,  and teething. 
I hope this months is much healthier!

I think this is a "real" picture. This is how we see her most days :)
We had some questions about thumbsucking vs. pacifier and chose to use a pacifier. She took it for awhile until she found her thumb then refused the paci. We truly think this is why she started sleeping through the night so early (around 4 months)
So far, she only does it when she is sleepy and it always comes with a tugging of the ear. 
Its cute and endearing to us now.
(we'll deal with breaking the habit later :))

I forgot to add: I can blow kisses (known as besos)

Next month is a big ONE!
I'm holding her a little tighter and a little longer these days.