Thursday, January 7, 2016

Back it up. Chrstimas 2015 pt 1.

So much to do. So little time. 
We spent this Christmas season pretty busy. This is my attempt at making up for lost blogging time so beware of the picture overload coming your way!

We went down to San Antonio on the 19th. Even before Baby was asleep, we went on a sibling date to the movies. Most of us were excited. We also had ice cream after!

 We went down to the Riverwalk to eat, see lights, and ride the river barge.

 She really did enjoy the lights even though it was past bed time.
We opened family gifts a little early this year and she got the hang of it pretty quickly!

 She's also go the hang of being cute...and getting her picture taken 100 times a day ;)

 This was the year of Frozen and baby doll for her.
  We battled some sickness for a couple of days but the weather was so nice, we spent most of our days hanging out in the backyard. We had a house full by 7pm and enjoyed lots of time with cousins. Here she is trying to hang with the big girls.

 This beautiful Nana always hosts 50-80 people for Christmas Eve and she always looks great doing it! Thanks for the memories, Momma!

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