Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Day Dates.

Through the Holidays while we had lots of extra hands, we decided that we would plan a couple of "Day Dates". I would plan for San Antonio, and he would plan for Iowa.

San Antonio has made big improvements to walking/biking trails.
There is a paved trail that takes you to all 5 Missions. I have been wanting to try it for awhile and the temperatures were in the 70s so we went.
It is at least 20 miles.
I followed the map. We started downtown. This is where we went wrong.

 The city has bike kiosks that you can rent and check -in along the path. We bought a day pass for $10 but you could use your own bikes!
The road to the first mission was a LONG one! 
But, it was "our" mission so we had to do it!
 Married under these lights!
Then we headed to one more that we hadn't been to before.
This one was more like a fort or compound so there was lots to see.

We didn't quite make it to the other two,or three if you include the Alamo, but it was a unique date and quite the workout and a cultural experience as well. 

In Iowa, Neil planned. 
When he told me what it was, I was not disappointed but no really excited either. 
Looking back, I would say this was the more cultural experience of the dates. 
We went to hear Chris Christie give a speech and take questions at a restaurant in Marshalltown.
If you are in Iowa or New Jersey, this is a regular but in Texas! that seems so bizzare!
Why would (many) presidential candidates sit in a room in a small town, and do that?
It really still boggles my mind. I KNOW why, but we just don't get those experiences in Texas.
His grandparents go to many of these events and to be honest, I can see why!
It is so interesting and I would love to compare candidates from both parties in that way! Also, some attendees were characters.
Anyways, we were the youngest in the room and we sat front and center.
We made it into the paper a few days after.

 This was one of the better dates of all time.
 Not really exciting or adventurous but it has been awhile since I have done something completely NEW!

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