Thursday, December 10, 2015

Baby, read.

There are so many moments that I don't want to forget. Most of them are unplanned and natural. 
Like this one.
When we returned home from Waco Wonderland, Neil and I sat on the sofa while Baby played. 
Eventually, she found herself a good book. Usually she says, "Mama read". 
This time I said, "Baby read".
And she did!
I KNOW, its memorization or whatever, but she was so proud! and so are we!
These pictures capture the joy we all felt in those moments.

She read through "Polar Bear, Polar Bear what do you hear?" backwards and forwards.
Then, just when we thought we couldn't handle any more cuteness, she started reading to her Mouse (Mickey Mouse). She read quietly to him AND.THEN. she turned to book out for him to see. Just like her teacher probably does at school. You know, when the class sits on a rug and the teacher reads a page. Then she shows the kids the page? Ya. THAT! 

Proud Mama moment, right there! 

(Also, her legs are crossed. there is a basketball hoop that is used daily. there are like 8 ornaments on one branch.)