Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas pt. 2. Gingerbread houses.

We usually host a game to help pass the time. We have done White Elephant, Minute to Win it, and Bingo in the past. This year we hosted a gingerbread house contest. They had 30 minutes and were judged on form, creativity, and beauty. The judges were my cousin art teacher, my uncle designer, and an uncle teacher known for his style/flair.

           We broke of into three teams. Cousins of all ages were included. Most just watched.
We opened the boxes and realized that two of them were ALREADY put together!
This team's was not. They did awesome!

 It is a competitive bunch, I tell you!

This was the third place winners.
 Second place winners.
 I thought this one was the most creative. See that little Yoda?! Cute.

Second place with a sorry winner in the background.
 and the winners!

 It was a lot of fun. Of course we would buy un assembled ones next year but overall a good time!

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