Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What is this feeling?

What do you call the feeling when you want to be at home but you are so happy where you are?

Whatever its called, that's how I feel. And I am allowing myself to feel that way.
I am having a blast EVERYDAY. I get to truly visit anything and everything I want to here. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity, too. But...I also miss home. What a blessing that is too, right? I mean, I get to go home to a cute home, silly puppies, excited family, and a new job!

What I love about D.C
- Walkability
- Metro
- Free museums
- Diversity
- Wide range of food options
- Decent weather
- Learning Opportunities
- The AC at 73!!! (neil would never...)

What I miss
- Puppies
- Baking supplies
- Car
- Mom/Dad/Meg
- Clothing options
- Mexican food
- Friends

I realize some of these contradict each other, oh well. There is not anxiousness, fear, or sadness.
So I'll keep my adventurous spirit high and stay in prayer.

9 more days in this life. 9 more days till real life.

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