Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 1 in D.C

Within 24 hours after landing from Thailand, we made it to Washington D.C. where I spend my time touring all day long while Neil works :)

I started off with a run on the first day and headed in the direction of the Lincoln Memorial. The weather was nice and the view even better. Running is a good way to get to know the city, too!

By the second day I had mastered the Metro.
 And I headed to the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

 I visited the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts where I got a private tour.

 The ceiling of the Opera Theater.
 President's suite.

 I visited my first Smithsonian - the Renwick Museum. It mostly consists of arts and crafts and decor. I knew Neil would mind missing out on this one :)

 This piece is called "Game Fish" and is made up entirely of game pieces - dominoes, dice, monopoly pieces, etc.

Neil was off for the 4th and I had a touring buddy. 
We headed to the Spy Museum.
 Aston Martin from the James Bond movie.

 Neil tried his hand at disarming a nuclear only took two tries.
We headed across the street to the Museum of Art.

The next day I visited the U.S Botanical Gardens.

 Where I ran into Thai memories :)

 Right across the street was the Library of Congress. It is a beautiful place!

 This is the actual library reading room.
 I had a book with me so I had to read here of course!
The Bible of Mainz and The Gutenberg Bible were on display too.

The next day I headed to the Hirshwin Museum of Modern Art, another Smithsonian. 

We headed to the Museum of Natural History.

 The Hope Diamond - 45 carats!

  We happened to run across the Post Office Pavillion.

 You take an elevator up to the 12th floor to a great view of all of D.C.

We visited the Holocaust Museum. No pictures allowed.
 We are about two blocks away from the Kennedy Center so we headed down there for one of their daily free concerts. The show was a Beat boxer who was very entertaining.

We have done so much this week. Its hard to believe we still have 4 weeks left!

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