Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another week in D.C

This week was very hot/humid. We were in the 90s with 60%+ humidity so it made it a little more uncomfortable to be out all day. 

I headed to Ford's Theater around 10:00am because everytime I go, there is a very long line to get in. I guess the early bird does get the worm because I walked right in! A nice history presentation was given in the theater.
 The balcony.

The room where Lincoln was taken to was right across the street from the theater. 
 These are all the books written about Lincoln. It is said that no person has been written about more than Lincoln has.

I stayed in Tuesday to work on the store and got some Baylor paperwork done :)

I went into georgetown and did some shopping, and some snacking.
DC Cupcakes is a show on TLC. Again, the early bird gets the worm/cupcake. Everyone is amazed that I got in. Apparently, there is always a long line out the door but when I went, there were only a couple of people in front of me.  There were tons of flavor options but I went with my favorite - strawberry.

 The bread was like eating a piece of cake. It had real strawberries inside! The icing was rich and moist.

I got to "go to work" with Neil in the morning. He had a tour of the Supreme Court scheduled with his work and I got to go with him. We also had lunch with a couple of his sweet co-workers.
This is the lobby. The courtroom is the door at the end. We were not allowed to take pictures in there but it was very elegant.
 The courtyard for the Justices and clerks.
 The ceiling of one of the meeting rooms.
 We got a tour of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's chambers. 
It was so interesting to see the intimacy of her space - what books she reads, personal pictures, her Native American Artifacts collection.
 Her official portrait.

We headed out to the Nationals Game! Again, it was hot, but it was a very nice and unique ballpark.


We spent the day at the Smithsonian Zoo. It was hotttt! Too hot for many of the animals to be out :)

We started at the National Gallery of Art at the sculpture garden. 

We worked our way inside and spent about 2 hours in two huge buildings. 

 This was one of my favorites. It is based on the skin color of a handful of people.
 My arm at the bottom. Trying to match up with one....
 He didn't want to turn around but you can see him smiling....

We were told that the National Museum of the American Indian has the best lunch options so we headed that way.

 It was cafeteria style with traditional Native American food from different regions . It was good! On the expensive side for lunch but very unique foods.

This week looks like we can expect some rain but we wont' let that dampen our spirits!

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