Monday, July 1, 2013

Thailand Day 3 Continued: Grand Palace. Wat Po.

Thanks to my handy dandy husband, all our lost photos were recovered!
I learned two things about that: 1) all those things you think you deleted, someone can find them 2) always use the EJECT DEVICE option with usb and sd cards.

Oook. Where were we. We had just made it back from our longboat ride through the canals to Wat Po - my favorite. Here are more structural pictures. It seemed that every surface was covered in mosaic. And there seems to be Chinese and Moroccan architectural influence.

 Painted walls with gold leaf.

This guy reminded me of Lewie :)

Perhaps the biggest surprise (literally) was walking into this building and seeing the biggest Buddah around! He was 60ft tall and 120 ft long!

See the little man at the bottom for reference?

Every temple was different in regards to dress, shoes, photo ops, etc but they made sure you knew. There were some awkward feelings being in someone else's place of worship. Sometimes people were holding service or in individual prayer and tourists are just walking through and snapping photos. It was allowed but we still tried to be as respectful as possible.

Next door was the Grand Palace. This is the old monarchy residence.

We decided to take our annual anniversary picture here.
Year 1: Cancun
Year 2: Colorado
Year 3: Home
Year 4: Thailand
We are blessed! 


This was actually a miniature town cut into concrete.

The guards were similar to that in London. They cannot smile, move, etc.

 This was one place where men needed to wear pants. We had to buy Neil some linen pants.
He looks good even still.

 These places could take half a day to go through and they are worth the visit.
The whole time we were there, it was cloudy and even rained a little which was fine with me. It kept the temperature down. I would suggest bringing a long skirt for girls and light pants for guys. You can always purchase or rent (gross!) but its best to be prepared.

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