Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review.

I did and 2011 recap last year so I thought I would do it again.
I like looking back.

Traveled to New Mexico for NCAA tournament.
Made it to Kansas City for Big 12 championship.
Neil changed positions at work.
Sold too many mustache party supplies.
Took my parents to Gull Lake for the first time.
Started a second blog for New Year, New You Wellness program at work.
Redid 75% of all our floors in the house.
Planned a successful 5k.
Roomba changed my life (the robot vacuum I got for my birthday)
Neil met Sandra Day O'Connor.
Visited The Shanks in Chillicothe for the first time.
Paid off my school loans!!!! (and there were a LOT)
The Silhouette changed by little business.
Held the second year of BOUNCE summer camp for girls.
and too many beautiful, romantic, silly memories to count!

What a great year it has been!

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