Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Homestead Heritage #2.

My parents were up here with Beautiful weather so we decided to visit Homestead Heritage. We have been there before but my parents had not.

It is a self sustaining community that focuses on some beautiful trades.
Pottery making
 Wood working. This is the leg to a table, chisled by hand! You can see part of the drawing down at the bottom.
 This is the gristmill but I just love the house.
It looks like something out of a movie with a working pulley at the top, too!
 This is my favorite though!  The craft of textiles. They make scarves, rugs, blankets, quilts, etc. Its so colorful in there and it is fully functional. When we were there, there were a group of retired women who just go and knit together and chat...a lot. They loved Neil. They were trying to convince him to take up the hobby of bee keeping.....I think not! I can only imagine the allergic reactions!!!
 Neil was in awe with this massive water catchment system!
 Of course they farm but this was pretty interesting to me. There was this small chicken coop in the middle of the garden ....
 with wheels! They lift from the front and move it around so they can fertilize new beds! Never would have thought of that!

They also have a restaurant that we had lunch at and it was sooooo good! The menu is not extensive and its a little bit expensive but it was good!

We spent a couple of hours there and then headed to the Baylor v. Kansas State game so it was a good day!


  1. Thanks for sharing all of these unique experiences with us. These are things we otherwise would never see !!

  2. that chicken coop on wheels is called a "chicken tractor". You can run them all over your yard and it keeps pests (like TICKS!) away!