Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I have been brought to tears a few times that I can remember in the past couple of weeks. That's more than I've cried in years! I tend to be a joyful person. Not many things bother me and I do not make emotional decisions (just ask my dad). He has always said that I should talk about how I feel and that sometimes logic is not enough. Growing up I held grudges, sought revenge, and used my "powers" selfishly. I chalked this up to my competitive nature. He often reminded me to forgive 70X7 times. My sister though, she wore her heart on her sleeve. And I always admired it. And though it seems we have switched places, I've noticed something recently...I'm softer. (I have also witnessed this phenomenon in they get older they soften :) )

Sandy Rock, A Man and his Family, witnessing battered women's stories and other tearful moments have make me realize that the harder life is the softer I must become. I think I have come to realize that softness is not weakness. It’s proof that I am alive. It sends me into action and prayer. And softness can be powerful. Afterall, water is soft, and rocks are hard. Over time- the water wins. Even the rock succumbs to water, eventually. With all the pain in the world, softness can only help, right?

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