Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Minute to Win it Christmas.

With 80 people at my mom's house for Christmas, it can't be boring!
But we are also a competitive bunch. 
This year, I hosted a few MINUTE TO WIN IT games - Christmas edition.
We played boys vs. girls. I was hosting so I did not get pictures of all of them but here are a few.

Snowball nose: Without using hands you have to dip your nose in Vasaline then transfer cotton balls from one bowl to another. Girls won! Krissy was a cotton ball nose machine!

 Christmas Cliff hanger: Each contestant is to blow Christmas cards across the table and make it hang off but not fall down....yes, its as hard as it sounds. No points were given :(

 Gingerbread cookie monster: Start with a cookie on your forehead and without using hands, get the cookie into your mouth. She looks cute doing it but her husband shows what a winning face looks like.

 Nutstacker: using a pencil, you have to stack 6 nuts (like nuts and bolts) on top of each other. Boys won but it was close.

Hung with Care: two teammates have to get ornaments onto a ribbon using only their 
Also, the ornaments get smaller each time the get one on!
Neil and my sisters bf were nominated. They were great sports. And lets just say that from different angles, the ornament was not in view AND lots of pictures were taken!
 They got two.

 But the girls won! They got all three on with 20 seconds to spare!

We also played: 
Conveyer belt: With a long ribbon at their waists, two players must turn slowly to get an ornament from one person to another. Didn't get a picture but here is a video of the Blueprint if you are interested.

Ornament fan: a set of ornaments is set up on the floor and using a top to a gift box, must fan the ornaments into a taped off square. 
This picture is similar but not our own - source.

Ornament bulldozer: Wearing a headband with an ornament tied to a long piece of ribbon, the contestants must knock down paper cups.

Christmas family game night ideas.

This is a picture similar but not our own - source.
Great Blueprints and videos can be found here on YouTube by Blueprint Guy.

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