Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You Know You Are Old When...

I mentioned this list briefly during my last post and it got me thinking. Or more like, taking a trip down memory lane. There are a few moments in life where I can actually remember feeling, thinking, or knowing that I am old. Mind you I am 25.

You know you are old when:
- You ask for a crockpot for Christmas
- You get sore from playing Dodge Ball
- You get giddy about a pantry
- Kids don't get your 'Saved by the Bell' references
- You are the only one in the restaurant because you are eating at 5:00pm
- You are teaching kids born in the 2000s!

I am working a summer camp for girls ages 9-14 and they remind me often that I am old.
(More on that camp later) But they also make me feel young again.
The movie up is a great, sad movie about growing up.
But when you are with the one you love, it doesn't matter how old you are.


  1. Well I guess I'm old, never thought 26 to be old but if you're teaching kids born in the 2000's wow, I am old.

  2. I heart the UP movies...don't worry about yourself getting old...What make me really worry is my kids growing up so fast! They are soon to face what we faced before and it could be even harder than before!

  3. Old is when you go into an antique store and remember using many of those same antiques as a kid. That's the stage I'm at. :)