Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Best Seat in the House

It is crazy how one little guy can change your way of living.

While working at the table, he loves to keep Neil company. Most of the time he just sits there as long as Neil stays there.
Besides the countless hours of playing tug-o-war, Lewie paces back and forth from the window to the door.

So, we thought we would solve the pacing problem by setting "his" chair by the window. He now has a window seat and the best seat in the house. He can keep tabs on the house and see EVERYTHING! Which sometimes causes more problems that just pacing. He gets super excited when he sees anything - a rabbit, birds, leaves, anything. This excitement often results in throwing himself at the door until we let him out.

I think a doggie door would work well, but "the energy"!

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  1. That is just precious. It's obvious that Neil is his hero.