Monday, May 30, 2011

A roof over our head

A few weeks ago, we had some bad weather. It involved hail, high winds, and rain.
Our house was built in 1992 and it still had the original roof so it was not too surprising that we had shingles flying off during our hail storm.

This opened up an opportunity for a new roof.
If you are new to this blog, the Mr. is and energy guru.
He works very hard to keep costs for water and electricity down.
If you are interested, see this post.

After a few quotes, we were so excited to finally get his dream METAL roof.

This was our house on move-in day.

This is the new roof. We were thankful also, that our new porch build my Dad and hubby here, got a new roof as well.

Not only does it look nice, it definately helped keep the temperature upstairs down.
I am only slightly concerned about the color. We did not realize that the color was so close to the house color. However, if I absolutely CANNOT live with it this way, YOU WILL GET TO VOTE ON THE COLOR ONE DAY! So stay tuned for more.

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