Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our family is GROWING!!!

We have been talking about extending our family for some time.

And we finally made the jump!!

It was an accident, but this little house is bursting with excitement!

Hope you will be excited with us.

Meet the new addition to our home.

His name is Lewie!

We have no idea what kind he is. Neil was lost on his way home from the DMV (long story) and saw him on the side of the road. After checking with the nearest houses, he brought him home. To our surprise, Rexx gets along FINE with him!!! If you know Rexx, you know how strange this is! We took that as a sign and went with it so now we have a full house.

He is hyper and sweet and very athletic (as in he can jump over the back of the sofa). He is the same size as Rexx. He has not had an accident, yet and we are hoping Rexx will show him the ropes. We will keep you updated.

Did I get you thinking something else there in the beginning ......... :)


  1. Yes, as a matter of fact, my mind was racing clear ahead of your blog and I was thinking of a 2 legged addition to your family. I think he is really cute. Does he have a name yet? I know he will make a great pal for Rexx

  2. I read your blog again and saw that you do have a name for your new addition! Welcome to the family Lewie!

  3. Cute dog! Totally thought you were announcing something else there at first. :)