Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring "Break" projects

One of the most appreciated weeks in a student/teacher's year is Spring Break. This year we decided to stay home to build a porch on our house. We originally asked Dad Moran to help since he seems to always be doing construction anyways. The week began with Neil and Dad working side by side but by the end of the week we had a full house. Randy Briones of Briones Audio & Video out of Austin, a close family friend came in to help with the electrical work and uncle Rick came in to help with the roofing.

We could not show our thanks for all the super hard work that they did on our little house. We did not expect to have so much help and we will patiently wait for our turn to repay the kindness they have shown us. Thank you!
It was fun to see the progress as the days went on and while we are not totally finished, the structural work has been done. All thats left is the details and paint. For now, enjoy the pictures and I will be sure to post a finished one later.

The first post to go up! No turning back now.

Beginning of day two.

Neil hard at work.

The Roof is covered at this point.
The killer? Angles!!

The end of the week. The shingles are put on. We matched them to our current shingles and it looks great.
(excuse the bricks under the window. They are settling some glue)

Sometime this month we will finish adding the decorative columns, gate, and finish painting.

We have already been able to enjoy the shade and the perfect weather and we can't wait to spend more time there.

You might be wondering what everyone else was doing. Well, we had a few spectators.

He was lost in our yard but we directed him towards the pond next door.

Rexx loved being out there. The noise didn't even bother him. I think he got a sunburn too.

As for mom and I, we had a few projects of our own. They will be featured on our next post.

Hope everyone had/has a great Spring Break!

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  1. What a creative wife you have, Neil! Your home is so personal and well done. You are learning to carpenter, Neil. You two are going to be good homeowners and it is nice to have friends and family willing to come and help. Thanks for all of the pictures. Looks like Rexx was supervising and the turtle tried but got turned away. This sure keeps us connected and up to date on what you are doing. Love, Grandma B.