Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day Gift #1

I did not get to post my mother's day gifts due to the fact that both my mothers are followers. But all gifts have been recieved and now its your turn.

My mother's gift started from a trip to the Habitat ReStore where I found this window panel for $2!! I would have grabbed more but there was only one.

Since I already had the laminate used for this project, I went ahead and cut out my letters.

I have seen this project done lots of times but the hardest part was deciding what to put on it. I knew where it would be hung so I went simple.

That is my maiden last name. I finished it with two hooks on the top to use for hanging.

Since I gave it to her early, she was able to put it out for the mother's day party that the men in our family hosted at her house.

Personalized gifts are the best!

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