Sunday, June 6, 2010

Going Green

In our house, we (forceably by neil) do our best to save energy. Less energy = less money, right? Well, I sometimes I feel like I would rather pay an extra dollar for convenience. But, when you get an electricity bill like this, I am very thankful for the forced savings.

Thats $33.76 for the month of May! Neil can calculate pretty accurately what we spend on electricity daily! Here or some of the cost saving things we have done this year:
1. No Christmas lights outside or inside :(
2. No AC except in the months of June, July, and Aug
3. Sleep with the windows open and fans on.
4. Installed Draft Gaurds on most doors and windows.
5. Changed out all lightbulbs for energy efficient bulbs.
6. Put timers on the modems and wireless network.
7. Put a timer on the closet light (that I always forget to turn off)
8. Installed a flow reduction shower head.
9. Built a porch!


10. Replaced our dryer with a clothesline.

This is Neil's latest contraption. It sits attatched to our back patio and naturally, it works well. We did about 10 loads of laundry on it. Neil put the clothes on the line, probably because he knows that if he doesn't I would just throw them in the dryer :/ He calculated the savings for 10 loads..... $0.40.

Just not worth the inconvience to me but since Neil is home for the summer, I think I can expect many more contraptions...including solar panels. I'll keep you updated.

Thanks for the savings, Neil :) One of us has got to do it.

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  1. If Grandpa B. reads this he will want to move to TX !!! Can't believe your electric bill ! It's called frugal living and you two are doing it. Wow. You could teach a class on this Neil.
    Grandma B.