Monday, May 16, 2011

Put a lid on it!

Out here in our little town, we have trash pick up but we do not have recycling service. I still save cans and jars simply because it hurts to throw them. It seems like I might need them one day. I never have but I have found some ways to reuse them.

This week will feature a few posts about reusing jars and cans.

Today I will show you a cute way to increase storage with jars.

First you need jar lids, scrapbook paper, and modpodge.

I first cut out circles for each lid. Then I modpodge-ed them together. Each one came out different and unique.

Let them dry and you have cute storage for all those little things-beads, paperclips, thumbtacks, spools of thread, screws, etc.

I would put BUTTONS in this one - its my favorite.
Free, cute storage! I knew there was a reason to save them. These will probably make it into my craft closet as storage.


  1. So cute! The new lids lighten up the bottle! Love.

  2. What a nice idea. Grandpa has things stored in jars in the garage, but they sure aren't dressed up like your jars !!

  3. Some of the jars foods come in are also such cute, unique shapes! I love all of the pretty papers, especially the one with buttons on it!

  4. I have done this will many jars...but I always have problems getting the lids off. Have you had this problem and how do you put the paper on the lids to ensure it doesn't impede the lid removal in the future?

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