Saturday, June 5, 2010


This is one of my favorite pictures, ever! guess what he is doing.

give up?
waiting for our SNAKE to show up again!

The other night, I went outside to garden with Rexx leading the way. He did not want to get off the back porch so I nudged him along. And then I saw it!!! A SNAKE! not like an "its, kinda cute" snake. It had its head up and it was about four feet long! I yelled for Neil and the snake headed straight for me! I jumped on the truck and watched as it QUICKLY scurried off. This is what it looks like....not so cute.

I (via Neil) was determined to get rid of it. I looked out the window awhile later and i saw it again, in front of our porch so i send Neil out there with a shovel. Of course the snake went back into its hole but I asked Neil to stay out and wait for it (as i watched from inside). It never showed since then.

We researched it and found out a few things. Neil tried to convince me that since it isn't poisonous, we should befriend him....not gonna happen. While it is nice to know that it is not poisonous, I still makes me check before every step. I knew snakes were bound to happen but I never expected huge snakes! Our neighbor had mentioned to us that they get copperhead snakes (very poisionous) so I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it.


  1. I don't blame you for being on the truck, Margo. Is Neil sure this isn't poisoness? He had better get a good swing the first time he tries to kill it! If Megan sees this picture she will freak out! She quit mowing her own yard because she had snakes. I don't mind garter snakes, but this one doesn't look good to me. Grandma B

  2. PS -- This is why Texans wear boots !! Better get yourself a pair Margo to wear outside. Gr. B.