Monday, June 21, 2010



We had a great time in Mexico. We were there for one week and we were able to see so many new things. We went to the market a few times, visited Mayan ruins, took a boat to Isla de le mujeres (a small island), visited downtown, and of course spent a few hours on the beach!

These are a few pictures from downtown.

We ate a nice dinner on the beach one evening. The weather was nice and there was a cultural show too.

Neil's favorite days were the days we visited the Mayan Ruins. First we went to Tulum. It is right on the beach.

The Mayan Pole flyers at Tulum.
The next day we visited Chechen Itza, another mayan ruin site. This time Neil was our tour guide. He studied up a little :)

If this picture look amazing, thats because we accidentally asked a professional to take our picture :)
My husband with the heart of gold absolutely fell for the children. This is his new friend Sandra.

There were over 1000 of these columns. At one point each one was carved with a picture of a specific warrior. Before a battle, all the warriors would walk through them.
This is a preserved column. Pretty awesome!

These are a few of Neil touching pieces of history.... he was excited....can you tell?

These are a few more of the Big buildings.

Check out that detail!!!

This was the main attraction. Look how small the people are.
That is our trip in a few snapshots. Of course there are many many more but we just wanted to share a little bit of our experience with you.

Can't wait to go north soon!!


  1. These are great pics, Margo! Didn't seem to have as much trouble getting Neil in view of the camera on this trip. Can't wait to see you both next week where the air is cool (usually) and the water is calm (hopefully)!

  2. Great pics, Margo! Looks like it was a little easier to get Neil in front of the camera. Can't wait to see you both next week where the air is cooler (usually) and the water is calm (hopefully)! Love, Mom S.

  3. Sorry I posted twice. Didn't see the note that it has to be approved first. Oops :)