Tuesday, September 6, 2016

half a quarter too long.

This weekend, we had a home football game on a Friday night.
Because of this, finding a sitter was difficult.
We also knew if we wanted to take Reyna to a game this year, this was probably the best option.
The weather was perfect. It overlapped with bedtime but we figured we could make it to half time.
We park about one mile away and she walked most of the way with her pom pom.

In the stadium, she caught on quickly to the cheers and chants. 
She made it on the jumbotoron,
Found Bruiser (mascot),
Loved the baton twirlers, and
ate too much popcorn. 

We probably stayed a little too long, though.
Our one mile walk back was interrupted by a potty break without a potty around. 
This meant helping her squat on the grass "like Rexx and Lewie", she said, and then trying to convince her to put some form of underclothes back on. 
We made it to the car and she was asleep before we even got home (1 mile away)

The end. 

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