Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Painted sofa.

When we moved in, we inherited some furniture. 
Two sofas stayed. 

They are matching. They are pink. 

 I loved the curves and the simplicity. 
I did not like the color. 
I had seen tutorials on painting upholstery. I've always wanted to try it but could make myself do it. 
Well these were free. I figured if I messed up on one, there was always another. 
Also, it couldn't get much worse. Or could it?

I used this tutorial exactly. 
I used basic acrylic craft paint and Martha Stewart brand fabric paint medium from Michael's. 
That cost me about $20 for one sofa. 

Here are the results. 

I am happy with the look of it. 
The color is probably less than ideal with two dogs and a toddler but it is pretty to look at.
As far as texture goes...
the morning after I finished it, I was SCARED! It was very rough.
 I realized that I forgot to sand it down. I did sand down between coats but not at the end. 
After a light sanding, it was MUCH better. 
The best way I can describe the feel is "outdoor fabric".
I was surprised how well the pattern of the fabric was covered. 
It is definitely okay for sitting but i think this technique would be best for a smaller accent piece.

So, if you ever find a free chair, bench, or ottoman, they would be great candidates. 

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