Wednesday, September 21, 2016

DIY vintage basket numbers

It all started with this number plaque I bought YEARS ago for $3.00.
I wasnt sure what I was gonna do with it but I held on to it. I finally decided that I wanted some numbers on my dining room baskets. I went back to the store I bought them and of course they don't stock them anymore because its retail and they change every season. I searched online and found them and ones similar for $9-15 EACH!
old wire baskets  reminds me of going swimming with dad and sis, wish I had a wall of these...seriously  got a sense memory of the pool dressing room smell......:
I needed three. No way I was dropping $45 on tags! 
So I got to thinking that I could make them. 
Here is what I came up with. 
I used cork, sticker numbers, paint, and glue.

 I traced the plaque I already had since I liked the size.
Then I painted the cork white, painted the numbers black and glued them on. 
Here is the original on top and mine on bottom.
 I put brads on and secured them to the basket. 
This also allowed be to use meaningful numbers (our area code - 254)

 Here they are lined up.
It cost me around $5 to make all three.
Now, that' worth it.


  1. How clever your baskets look. I was examining your dining room again and it looks like you used your baskets at the end of the dining room under the windows?