Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The everyday.

Everyday I pick Reyna up from school and we talk. and hang out. Most afternoons its just me and her. I am her playmate which is AWESOME. but sometimes I have to get stuff done. We spend our afternoons ...
working on the yard (when its not too hot!)
 Doing crafts.
 visiting the fountains at Baylor.
 Having picnics in the front yard.
 playing hide-n-seek
 working on puzzles
 playing at chuck-e-cheese
visit the museum
 go to work with Mommy.
 go to "the toy store" (aka Target)
 Read to the pups.

Every day is different and some days we stay home but each day is a chance to learn something about my girl. I know this, she loves people and she loves learning.

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