Tuesday, December 8, 2015

waco wonderland.

Every year Waco hosts Waco Wonderland downtown. It is an 8 day Christmas event that includes food trucks, carolers, ferris wheel, carousel, Santa, and ice skating. We knew we wanted to go but did not want to fight the crowds so we waited until Monday at 4 pm. Yup. NO ONE was there!
We happened to go on Cowboy Christmas day. This meant there were live animals. Boy, we picked the right day! Reyna loved them. She really wasn't afraid at all.


 If this one were a video, you would see her dancing and clapping with the donkey!

We got there a little early and while we waited for Papa to arrive, we got to meet Santa, again!
If you recall from last post, that didn't go well. 
But Santa was very patient and very nice. He sat with us on a bench and let her touch his hat and his boots, and gave candy, and even convinced her to give him a high five!

And while she still looks skeptical, she talked about it all night!

So thankful for a Santa who loves his job!

On to more Christmas festivities!

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