Monday, December 7, 2015

Visiting Santa and other happenings.

Baylor has the annual 'Christmas of 5th Street' event every year.
They light up the tree, carols are sung, theres a live nativity scene and petting zoo, santa, etc.
We decided to give it a go.
As we were walking in through this lit up sign, Reyna got sooo excited. She started jumping up and down and pointing and yelping.
We were so glad we came!
 We headed straight for Santa.
We knew the line would get long and she had been asking for Santa for days!
We stood in line for about 30 minutes. In the line, they have a cookie decorating station so that helped keep her entertained her for awhile.
Then we got to the "Santa Room".....
 and she loved the d├ęcor!
but of course when we got to meet him...all of a sudden, she was not a fan.
Of course we didn't push but this is the best picture we got.
Maybe next year.
I'm happy to report, she still likes Santa and talks about him often!
Then we went to see the carolers and lights outside and she fell.
and then we all fell apart.
So, we did what any tired, frustrated, sad parents would do...
We headed back home.
But, I was determined to end the night on a good note, so we put ornaments on the tree at home.

and she loved it!
And we all went to bed with memories of Christmas magic.

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