Wednesday, December 2, 2015

19 months.

This girl. 
She is now 19 months old. That number is so small! But her personality is so BIG!
I think we are past the white onsie pictures so here she with all her personality.

This section used to be "I can..." and listed new things she can do but now
 its a new section called "I don't wanna forget..."
A list of things I don't want to forget about Reyna at 19 months:

 She likes to smile - knows her friends names - takes off her shoes AND socks every time we are in the car - recognizes Santa - says "Excuse Me" - loves Meaty -likes Elmo and Abby - eats turkey - she calls her jacket her "suit"

Her love for the matching game. "Mama, match!" Which really means, "Sit with me and watch me match." I love that she claps when she gets one right and how she makes the noise of the animal when she matches. 

 I don't want to forget Chip, her little mouse. 
(He is named Chip, after Chip Gaines because she got him at Magnolia)
He lives is this little box and has a pillow, mattress and blanket. 
She so carefully puts him to bed over and over and over and over (X28) again. 
Look how intentional she is.

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  1. Reyna is "Miss Personality Plus". What a cutie. I love her little mouse. All of her outfits are so cute. Thanks for sharing all of your pictures with us.