Monday, November 23, 2015

Donut Party.

This weekend, Reyna was invited to her friends 2nd birthday party. 
It was a donut themed party and SO cute!
They had a donut craft. Here she is with the birthday girl making her donut.

Of course, you can't have a donut party without donuts!
What a spread.

 Reyna had never had a donut before. 
After watching the birthday girl eat hers, she copied. 
"Look ma, no hands!!"
 They had these cute milk bottles with sprinkles around the rim. Yum!
Penny just got a play kitchen so we decided to build on that. 
We gifted her these plush donuts! I just love them! 
It was fun to think of different toppings. 
The best thing is, I had all the stuff lying around the house!
They are made of felt and I think I found my new hobby ;)
 Here they are in a bakery box.
 Here is a close up of those sprinkles.

 It was a great party with so many cute kids! 
Also, Penny's mom owns a party supply store in SPICE called HelloJune. Check it out!

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