Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Game Day in Stillwater.

I know this post is a little late but I was having trouble getting my pictures off my phone.
After a long travel day, we stayed at a hotel. Funny fact: Coach will not stay in the same hotel if we lose. We don't win in Stillwater often, so the pickings were slim. BUT, he stays in the same hotel until we lose there. So, at least they have a place to stay next time.
The next morning is breakfast at the hotel. They guys come down and sign their phone out. They have to turn them in the night before. LOVE IT! Breakfast is buffet style with everything from cereal, to pancakes, fruit, and chicken?!
 Shortly after breakfast, chapel starts. The chaplin is also a coach. Actually, he is a coach first. But, the head coach hired him largely because of his chaplain status, too. The message was a great one. He somehow tied in Michael Jordan and Peter. It was a message about how Peter was asked to come out in the storm. What does that mean for us? When we follow Jesus will it be easy? fun? no.
We also studied John 2: 1-2 and how Jesus is our advocate for getting into heaven. he will fight for us! His story was a hilarious one about his first encounter with Michael Jordan when he was in middle school. So relatable to the players. Our department has just begun a sports chaplain program, too! 
After breakfast, we were kicked out for the game plan :(
Eventually we all board the bus. This is quiet time. No one talks. I thought we were going slow but realized that the bus was broken and could not go more than 5 mph, literally! With all the travel issues, I was convinced that the state of Oklahoma was sabatoging us...
The players headed into the locker room and we tried to grab a bite to eat. Apparently, Eskimo Joe's is a famous place. I didn't know but we stopped in. Didn't get to eat but we shopped some.

 We showed up at the gym and flashed our front row tickets where our seats were reserved.

I was impressed with the gym. It is soooo claustrophonic. This picture does no justice but there is no room around the perimiter and it feels as if the seats are right above you.
Warm ups began and Isaiah Austin prays individually with a few players.
 The show begins.

 I took this picture for Neil. I knew he would love it and I was right! I studied that thing and tried asking me too many questions. What time out was this drawn off of? What players did he point to? What defense was running at the time? I dunno.
 I dunno. But it looks like he was handing it to me. He wasn't.
More game action.
We win!

At one point it got so loud in there. It's interesting to hear what the players hear. Lots of bad things :(
People are mean, cruel even. I know its expected but that doesn't make it okay. One of the players' moms was sitting with us and the fans right behind us were saying AWFUL things about/to him. It got to her, as it would have me. She only responded once when they asked why he had such a stupid name...oops. Even after knowing that it was his mom, that didn't stop them. With the recent issue with Marcus Smart, its hard to take sides. But it was a great experience to have. Learned a lot about student athletes, coaches, fans, and Baylor.

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