Thursday, February 13, 2014


On my actual birthday, I spent 4 hours in the lab drawing blood. Bad experience. I'm okay with needles but when you ask a pregnant woman to fast for almost 12 hours, its not okay! But, it was worth the piece of mind to find out the next day that I do not have gestational diabetes.

We celebrated in San Antonio with friends and family. First, we went crib shopping. After a whole ordeal, we ordered a dresser and crib with a mattress and changing pad. It should be delivered on the 26th of this month.
The crib converts to a toddler bed and then a twin bed.

picture of Oberon White Dresser
 from Dressers Furniture

Because we had the guys with us, we stopped for lunch and then went to BabiesR'Us to test out a rocker. Later that night, we had dinner with some Baylor friends and my family. We tried a new place called Mellow Mushroom. It was really good pizza but the wait was too long. We went home and celebrated with strawberry cheesecake, too!

This year, there were no clues for birthday presents :(
Probably because there was only one thing I asked for.
We got tickets to Wicked this month. I've never been to a musical so I am sooo excited!
Overall, it was another great birthday. Feeling blessed and on the verge of a new era!

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